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Koloway is a Club Penguin Army Legend, and has served in armies such as Army of Club Penguin, Doritos of Club Penguin, and Rebel Penguin Federation. Koloway served most notably in 2019 & 2020 as the ACP Leader.


Army of Club Penguin [ACP] (2009/2011/2013-2015)

In 2009, Koloway set off on his journey into Club Penguin Armies, joining this group he'd heard about on Club Penguin. "The Army of Club Penguin," they called it. He joined, and immediately fell in love with the group. He would go on to serve many, many battles, participate in various training sessions, and enjoy everything he did with the army. It was in this army that he found his home, his place to live and breathe, his place to belong. Due to time constraints and life, Koloway left the ACP in 2015, not knowing whether or not he would ever return back to this home.

Rebel Penguin Federation [RPF] (2017-2019)

After Club Penguin closed it's doors, Koloway begin to take interest in the CPPS army scene being dominated by the Rebel Penguin Federation. He disliked how large and dominant they were at first, but reluctantly joined in late 2017. Due to the fact that he felt like he wasn't needed, Koloway was often seen being loud and obnoxious in voice-chat or main-chat. He would immediately make friends with the majority of the army, and saw it as a good place for him to hang out. He would go on to find himself banned in the summer of 2018, effectively removing him from the army scene once more. In September of 2018, however, Koloway rejoined the RPF under the blessing of Twitchy543 and hit the ground running. This is where he met most of his new friends, such as Mikemate, Silverburg, Cassie, Emcee, and most importantly Pookie437. During this tenure, he would go on to serve as an RPF officer and become the 82nd Troop of the Week. Koloway went on to retire from the RPF in June 2019.

Commander in Chief of the ACP (2019-2020)

Having heard that the ACP was back under the blessing of Mchappy, Koloway took a big interest and went to learn more. It is here that he spoke to ACP Commander in Chief Chainpro, and was appointed as a 4th in command. Soon after this, he was promoted up to 3ic, and then to 2ic, for his efforts in ACP's war against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Soon after this war, Chainpro would become inactive and Koloway would be named Commander in Chief of the ACP. 24 hours after being named leader, Koloway declared war on the People's Imperial Confederation, aka PIC, and won the war 6-0. On December 1st, 2019, Koloway's ACP would be announced as #1 on the top ten, the first time someone other than RPF had accomplished this since July 28th, 2019. On December 8th, Koloway's ACP would do something unprecedented and be #1 on the Top Ten two weeks in a row, being the first army to accomplish this since RPF joined the league. On December 14th, ACP declared war on Templars. The war was short, and ACP won 1-0. On December 27th, ACP declared war on the Templars yet again. The war also was short, lasting around a day and a half. The score was a 3-0 ACP victory, and ACP claimed all of the Templars nation for itself after the use of allies was discovered. On January 4th, ACP won against Help Force in the semi-finals of the 2019/2020 Holiday Championship Tournament semi-finals. On January 5th, ACP would go on to defeat RPF in the Holiday Championship finals, winning the first tournament in ACP since 2011. On January 27th, Koloway retired from ACP, passing the leadership position on to CSY and Kailey. He would shortly return to ACP to help out with the transition of the leaders, and would go on to rejoin a few more times to support various causes. On May 3rd, 2020, Koloway was awarded the ACPTR Medal of Training by Slider568. On May 14th, 2020, Koloway was inducted as a Club Penguin Army Legend.

Turnage Penguin Army [TPA] (2020)

Koloway joined the Turnage Penguin Army on July, 29, 2020 to assist his friend Turnage who had been dealing with personal things. He assumed the mantel of Turnage Commander and provided graphics and leadership to the army, as well as revamping the ranks system and discouraging duel-enlists within the army. He led the army to such massive heights as a max of three against the Ice Warriors.

CPAH and Graphic Design (2020)

Koloway was one of the founders of Club Penguin Army Hub, which was the primary league used in the era of armies. Koloway was able to use his immense talent for graphic design to create carious graphics for CPAH, ACP and many other armies. He eventually co-founded Zambway Graphics with Zambi and was able to provide ample graphics to numerous armies all across the community. He even formed a discord with Zambi, in which he gave tutorials to aspiring graphic artists and helped them on their paths to grow and prosper under his tutelage. Koloway is also was credited for calling out his future romantic love interest, LEGOMAN, for recruiting off of in the CPAH Army Leaders chat in October of 2020.

Black Jackets [JAX] (2020)

On November 20, 2020, Koloway decided he wanted to return to the army scene. He made the executive decision to revive a historic army, the Black Jackets army, after over a decade of inactivity. Koloway was able to revive the army successfully with an astonishing size of thirty penguins and kickstart the new generation. He was able to quickly secure an alliance with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Island Invaders, Red Ravagers, Water Vikings and Shadow Troops and make the JAX hold a large presence within the community. This generation went on to max consistent sizes of around fifteen to twenty, and reached one thousand members within their discord server within only one month after opening. Koloway solo-lead this army, until he promoted Liam to lead alongside himself This generation was sadly cut short when the Black Jackets converted to a gaming community alongside a majority of the rest of the community when dox threats were circulating around Club Penguin Army Hub.


  • 2019 CPA Legend
  • RPF Troop of the Week #82
  • 2-time ACP Summer Awards winner.
  • Beat Mchappy pretty bad in Mancala once.
  • ACPTR Director
  • Defeated RPF in the finals of the Holiday Championship Tournament of 2019.
  • ACP & ACPTR Legend.
  • Co-Founder of Zambway Graphics
  • Husband of LEGOMAN


  • "CLUB PENGUIN ARMIES WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"