Korn is considered to be the first army leader, who united members of the Red clan in 2006 during World War I.


Korn started playing Club Penguin in either 2005 or 2006. Upon the outbreak of what we today know as World War I in August 2006, Korn joined The Reds. The Reds quickly grew into the largest of the Color Armies, and won the majority of the battles of the war. At some point, Korn managed to become the leader of The Reds. How he did this has been lost in time. Korn led the Reds for several months, before being overthrown at the end of the war. It is not known what became of Korn after the end of the war.


  • There are rumours that Korn is Oagalthorp
  • Elitesof, founder of The FGR, claimed to be Korn, but it is not known whether this is true
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