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Krosive was a former army leader.

His first army was the Templars back in 2019, but he left since he didn't really enjoy armies, But due to the pandemic he joined back armies. He joined back the Templars, but he shortly left to join the on march 14th Ice Warriors, He took a break from armies due to some personal reasons. He re-joined Ice Warriors he got staff there in December 2020. He decided to leave Ice Warriors in July 2021. After leaving He re-joined the templars, He joined as General and rose in the ranks to high command, It got announced recently that he is a 2ic in the Templars Ausia Division.


Initial CP Career (2013-2017)

Krosive started playing Club Penguin in 2013, He saw the game on a old Youtube video. Krosive wasn't in armies in the og Club Penguin. His old username was GhostGamer2007. He played Club Penguin until it shutdown in 2017.

CPR Career (2017-2022)

Krosive and his friend called Alucard discovered Club Penguin Rewritten after the original Club Penguin shut down, Krosive has had multiple accounts due to not knowing you can change the change passwords. His most Notable one is KarmaTen.

Templars Career (2019-2021)

The date is unknown when Krosive joined Templars, But we know it's around 2019. When he was a troop in Templars he didn't get that far, But when he Re-Joined He joined as General. He rose up the ranks and got High Command, It got announced recently that he is 2ic in the Templars Ausia Division. He also attended the Legends Cup XI for the Templars.

Ice Warriors Career (2020-2021)

Krosive joined the Ice Warriors on March 14th with his friend called Alucard, He attended DCP Coalition War. He also attended the March Madness 2020, Christmas Chaos X, Legends Cup X, Fight or Fright. and March Sadness. Krosive after attending all them tournaments had to take a break for personal reasons. At the end of August he became active. His final tournament in Ice Warriors was March Madness 2021 His highest rank in Ice Warriors was Command Officer. He also led Ice Warriors Blizzard, For one battle. He was known for saying "who's joe?", "can you pls be quiet im trying to sleep", "poggers", "kr" and "What the fortnite?"

Water Ninjas Career (2020-2020)

Krosive joined Water Ninjas when it was a colony of Ice Warriors, He got to staff there before it shut down.

Saber Squids / Dark Vikings (2020-2020)

Krosive or KarmaTen at the time, Created an army called Saber Squids with someone called Alucard. The highest max was 5, Krosive wanted to create an army for the cool name glow. When they rebranded into Dark Vikings, A new leader came with it their name was Trapant.

Dark Vikings 2nd Generation (2021-2021)

Krosive decided to reopen Dark Vikings in October of 2021 under a Templars Colony.

Secret Service (2021-2021)

Krosive joined it for a week before leaving, his rank was LIT.

Mercenaries (2022-2022)

Krosive led for a bit before leaving due to personal reasons.

Lime Green Army (2022-Present)

Krosive joined the army on the 10th of June for 2nd command. He ranked up to leader. He got LGA legend.

Wars / Tournaments

Operation: Templaria

March Madness 2019

March Madness 2020

March Madness 2021

DCP Coalition War

March Sadness

Templars Vs Water Vikings

The Great Crusade

Legends Cup XI

Legends Cup X

Dark Vikings Vs Squids

Project: Conquest

Templars vs Swat 2

Project Vengeance Vs Western Bloc

Templars Vs Silver Empire

Templars Vs Water Vikings 2

Chrismas Chaos X

Chrismas Chaos XI


Grand Marshal in Templars

National Chancellor in Templars

Knight Of The Silver Rose in Templars

Knight Of Grace in Templars

General in Templars

Heraldry Officer in Templars

2ic in Templars Ausia Division

Command Officer in Ice Warriors.

Staff in Water Ninjas.

Vc leader in Ice Warriors

Vc leader in Water Ninjas.

Ice Warriors Troop of the Week.

Ice Warriors Staff of the Week.

1st on the Templars Recruiting Leaderboard.