Kyle104 is the founder of DT, Former DW 1ic. Brother of 6.


Kyle104 started out his CPAC Carrer in 2011 in an army named Swat. He quit in 2013 for 3 months came back joined RPF And then left for another 5 months and came back and joined RF, Left RF Joined thugs for an while then joined DW as an 1ic for an while.

Kyle104 is most respected and known for being an close friend of Kyle104 and a troop of BadBoy

The Past

In 2015 stuff went down for kyle. Kyle got kicked out of Ice Warriors for being an spy for DCP but there was no actual proof he was an spy. He surely returned to RPF only to get kicked out just for saying dad. He then left and never made a return and people was shocked because he always said he would quit and came back. In 2017 He returned in late 2018 and joined Templars Led by Xing, Liam, William & Ripmam. Kyle is mostly known for being in DW. Kyle was also in teutons for an while and got main owner & access to their wordpress site. Swat shutdown the same day Kyle came back. Kyle was once claimed to spy on DCP and somehow how their xat's Password & Defaced DCP. Kyle was known as ZombieBoy086 on the normal Club Penguin website.


Kyle was kicked from Templars after defacing them then joined The Pirates. Later on after getting threaten to be Doxxed By Xing he annouced he was quitting after randomly disappearing. He now is retired.

Update: Kyle is now back & in The Templars.


  • Templar Legend
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