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LEGOMAN, also known as BEACHTROOPER and IcyWalker1, is a SWAT Commander-in-Chief, most notably known for being the 11th Commander-in-Chief of the People's Imperial Confederation and being Chief Executive Officer and founder of Club Penguin Army Outreach. He served as the 71st Commander-in-Chief of the Special Weapons And Tactics before serving his current leadership stint within the army. For a short time, he led the Night Warriors during their controversial CPPS generation. He presently holds the advisor rank in various armies, and is a former Administrator on the Club Penguin Army Wiki.

Early History

Initial CP Career (2007-2017)

LEGOMAN initially started playing Club Penguin back in 2007 after a trip to Disney World where he saw various Club Penguin Merchandise and wanted to find out more about the game. He joined under multiple aliases, due to not knowing that he could login to the same account on various computers, the most notable of which being IcyWalker1. He was never involved in armies, but played until the shutdown.

Introduction to Armies (2020)

LEGOMAN was introduced into armies under the alias of UncleICringe.gov101, and joined as a recruit into the Dark Warriors from Club Penguin Online on March 16, 2020. He also joined the Light Troops due to liking the uniform. He was not active in either server due to not being replied to within their main chats. However, many months later he joined the Dark Warriors voice chat with the intent of being banned, however, he discovered such kind and welcoming community members, such as Ninja, and thus decided not to get banned.

Creation of LMA (2020)

LEGOMAN was eventually invited to the Ice Warriors discord as an ally but somehow found himself enlisted. He joined amidst the DCP Coalition War and was able to participate in the March Sadness tournament. He was extremely active within the Ice Warriors and was eventually involved with an activism group known as the BALDs. During this time he sought to make a name for himself and created his own army for publicity and a nameglow, known as LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH!.

Despite being a proxy of the Ice Warriors, LEGOMAN was able to learn to both recruit and lead through this army, alongside army veterans such as Firestar08, S Cargo2 and Stare3000. LEGOMAN led his creation to peak maxes of thirty-one and hosted numerous retirement events for notable community members, such as Isa Amor, Pizza Gang, and Aly. He was also able to participate in the SubZero Showdown tournament where he was pitted against the historic Romans army, and was able to closely contend against them. LMA was also able to beat out the likes of the major army, Water Ninjas, and their close allies, the Clown Rebellion, during its lifetime. LMA would eventually fall inactive due to conflict between LEGOMAN and leaders of the Ice Warriors army. However, LMA was ultimately a learning experience for LEGOMAN, and increased his experience in leading and recruiting, which he would later utilize in his army journey.

Crystal Cowboys Coup (2020)

Following LEGOMAN's departure from the Ice Warriors, he was offered a leadership position in the Coup Crusaders. The Coup Crusaders were a former Ice Warriors colony that had separated with the Ice Warriors due to internal issues and rebranded into the Crystal Cowboys. LEGOMAN was initially hesitant to join, due to the Crystal Cowboys being a colony of the Doritos of Club Penguin, but was eventually brought upon the leadership team. He led alongside the likes of Coolguy, Toxic Storm, Olimad3, Tyler and JuicyJames. Under his leadership the Crystal Cowboys was able to enter the Club Penguin Army Hub map by successfully invading Deep Freeze. Shortly after his promotion to leader, the Crystal Cowboys planned to orchestrate an invasion of their previous capital, White House, which was held by the Ice Warriors new colony, the Water Ninjas. LEGOMAN was an active member of SWAT, and was directly told by the leaders of SWAT to cancel the invasion. He took matters into his own hands and not only cancel the invasion but also draft a treaty known as the Decree of the Shimmering Tides to halt all further conflicts between the Crystal Cowboys and the Water Ninjas and their allies. In addition to this, LEGOMAN transferred the Crystal Cowboys capital to the Rebel Penguin Federation and cancelled the invasion of White House. This situation culminated in Crystal Cowboys leader, Coolguy, decreeing that all of LEGOMAN's actions were invalid and removed LEGOMAN from leadership. Alas LEGOMAN had proof of himself processing the leader role within the server, interviewed for his position as leader and being in the leadership group chat minutes after the incident occurred. LEGOMAN received the full support of the Club Penguin Army Hub administration and his actions were carried out. LEGOMAN was then forcibly removed from Crystal Cowboys leadership, though the army soon fell into a dormant state due to his actions.

Templars Stint (2020)

Around the same time LEGOMAN was involved in the Crystal Cowboys, he had taken up the mantel of Second-In-Command within the Templars. In this time he was able to pioneer voice chat leading in the army, encouraging troops to be faster and cleaner with their tactics due to a strong presence in the voice chat. He had brought numerous new recruits to the army through various social media platforms that had now been explored prior to his involvement in the army. However, his time in the Templars was cut short as he eventually departed to pursue a career in SWAT.

S/M Leadership Stints (2020)

LEGOMAN was quite hungry for publicity at this time, so he took up the mantle of The Tree Cult leader, and was able to raise their maxes from five to ten consistently and revamp the uniform completely in the brief time he held his leadership position. He also expanded their foreign relations exponentially. However, his time in The Tree Cult was cut short due to issues amongst the leadership. He then went on to create the Skateboarders army, which initially served as a revival of the Skaters of CPO. This revival was not fully supported by the Skaters veterans, so LEGOMAN decided to rebrand the army. He would leave shortly after opening, but his army would go on to max peaks of eighteen.

Introduction to SWAT (2020)

LEGOMAN joined the historic Special Weapons And Tactics army as an ally from the Ice Warriors and immediately appreciated the structure of the army. He would consistently attend events and even bring his single-enlisted recruits from LMA to support the events. During this time, war broke lose between SWAT and the Water Vikings, known as The Eagre Foray. LEGOMAN quickly rose through the ranks of SWAT, tirelessly attending every single battle of The Eagre Foray. This contributed to him reaching a high command position within the army. Following the closing of the war, LEGOMAN was able to bring in averages of fifty to seventy-five recruits every single day to the SWAT server, and within a week he had advanced to the position of Second-In-Command. LEGOMAN was able to rest at this position for around a month, whilst still keeping up his daily recruiting regiment, however he found himself in a stalemate as far as progressing through the ranks. He had been told by SWAT Creator, Ganger90, that he had deserved the position of Leader-In-Training, however the army at the time had four Leaders-in-Training and were not willing to promote LEGOMAN, and kept him at Second-In-Command for another month. After further internal conflicts, LEGOMAN left SWAT.


Island Invaders Revival (2020)

LEGOMAN set out to find an army to revive, after brief leadership stints within numerous small armies as a side project in SWAT. He eventually stumbled upon the Island Invaders uniform on and thought LEGOMAN spearheaded the idea to revive the Island Invaders in November of 2020. He was able to in only one event of leading quadruple the peak max of the first generation, from five penguins to twenty-two. He was able to orchestrate a merge deal with multiple small armies, such as the Midnight Troops, Knights of the Golden Rose, Pumpkin and Kailey Inc, and Red Army, before the Island Invaders had even officially opened. This caused the Island Invaders to gain the first position on the Club Penguin Army Hub Small Medium Top Ten in under one week of being revived. He used his recruiting skills to recruit over five hundred members into the server within roughly two weeks, allowing the Island Invaders community to expand exponentially. During this time the current league, Club Penguin Army Hub had experienced a large amount of freeland that was prepared to drop. LEGOMAN successfully organized a group chat with Small Medium Army Leaders to coordinate who would invade what land as to avoid overlapping invasions and invalid invasions. Through this he was able to obtain two pieces of land from the drop, and invade the Fire Ninjas for a third piece of territory. He also led the invaders to be victorious in their first war, against the historic army, the Fire Warriors.This conflict was known as the Tiki Torch War. Under his leadership, the Island Invaders held a total of six pieces of land on the Club Penguin Army Hub map. Not only this, but they were able to reach peak maxes of eighteen troops without a single ally present, proving their dominance to the community. Despite only leading for a little over a month, LEGOMAN led the Island Invaders to heights never before though achievable and cemented them as a historic army. He would even lead the Island Invaders to contend against the Silver Empire in the Christmas Chaos X tournament, successfully contending against an army that was created around seven months beforehand and had a significantly larger community. Once the Island Invaders began losing steam and enthusiasm, he made the executive decision to merge into SWAT, which turned the tides of the Serving Weapons and Toppings War. In addition to leadership, LEGOMAN provided ample graphics for the Island Invaders, including penguins, banners, etc. and documented all of the history of this army on the Club Penguin Army Wiki, to preserve the history of the Island Invaders, in addition to revamping their hall of fame. For those reasons he had been granted the AKUA status, which is the highest achievable rank on the Island Invaders hall of fame.

Most Wanted Leadership Stint (2020)

During his tenure as an Island Invaders Commander, LEGOMAN eventually took up the mantel of Most Wanted leader for a single event. In this event he was tasked to lead against the Red Ravagers, who were unjustly attempting to invade the passive Most Wanted army, due to what appeared to be the lust for more territory on the map. LEGOMAN was upset by this, as the Island Invaders and Most Wanted were close allies and intervened. He was able to lead Most Wanted to max twenty in this defense, a max which had been unreachable in the current generation prior to his involvement. He was also able to contend against the Red Ravagers, successfully impressing the judges with clever formations, such as a two line formation and multi-line tactics that allowed Most Wanted to tie the second room. Ultimately, Most Wanted lost their land to the Ravagers due to a size disadvantage, but had put up a solid fight which would not have been able to have been accomplished without the involvement of LEGOMAN.

Fire Warriors Stint (2020-2021)

Upon the request of his close affiliate, Sweater (Conor), LEGOMAN took up the mantle of Fire Warriors Advisor and was able to advise through the rebirth of their modern generation. During his time as a very involved advisory board member, the Fire Warriors maxes surged into the high teens and grew exponentially. He was very involved with the creation of the website and multiple graphics that paved the way for the success of the current generation. He was even involved with contacting the original creator, Wwe09, to fully ensure the validity of the modern generation. For his work on the Fire Warriors army, he was bestowed the hall-of-fame rank of Champion.

Wiki Legend Inductions (2020)

LEGOMAN had been serving as an extremely active content moderator for the Club Penguin Army Wiki and thus was utilized in the 2020 Wiki Legend inductions as a conflict-of-interest voter in replacement of those who were unable to vote based on affiliation. He was also tasked with voting for every single small-medium legend nomination due to Lord Pain's reluctance to acknowledge that category of Legend. This allowed him to exponentially expand his knowledge of current figures within the army scene and evaluate these figures based on past precedents of the same variant.

Special Weapons And Tactics Career

Return to SWAT (2020-2021)

Following the merge, LEGOMAN quickly proved his worth in SWAT through incessant recruiting and even writing leading guides and analyzing footage of the war to help SWAT improve and to give them the upper hand in this conflict. He was also able to contribute five pieces of land to the war, as per the Island Invaders alliance and merger, which proved to be extremely beneficial. LEGOMAN was also a major player within the Flash Nemesis War that had occurred in December of 2020, where he led alongside such notable figures as SWAT Creator Ganger90. LEGOMAN was also an influential figure in the brief transition from to Club Penguin Chapter 2, and then on to Club Penguin Rewritten. He would take an extremely involved role as a Leader-In-Training, often commanding events without the involvement of any of the leadership. It was during this time when Stare3000 referred to LEGOMAN as the "best high command member in SWAT." Following this achievement, LEGOMAN was eventually added to the SWAT legends page as a Veteran for his services to the army.

Promotion to Leadership

On February 7, 2021, LEGOMAN was officially promoted as the 71st SWAT Commander-in-Chief, directly following himself leading the first practice battle in HTML5 history, between SWAT and their historic rivals, the Army of Club Penguin. LEGOMAN was able to bring countless new recruits into the SWAT army and document past and present history on the Club Penguin Army Wiki to be preserved for all time. In addition to this, he also gave his services as a graphic designer to SWAT, revamping their Hall of Fame and making graphics for events, battles, wars, banners and the SWAT website. He was also responsible for creating the SWAT medals page as a way to incentivize troops. Under his leadership, SWAT was able to maintain high maxes despite having to transfer between Club Penguin Private Servers and remain a force to be reckoned with. He was also able to bring in many personal friends who had retired to enlist as moderator positions, and bring his real life affiliates on for tournaments and important occasions. He was also instrumental in the rise from small/medium to major status in February of 2021. Upon his promotion to leadership on February 7, 2021, LEGOMAN commanded SWAT to max sizes of twenty and above for the entire month of February. Thus, never allowing their sizes to dwindle below twenty for the entire duration of the month.

Medals Page Creation (2021)

One of the first things LEGOMAN sought to implement in his tenure as SWAT Commander-in-Chief was a medals page, as to both preserve the history of the army in addition to incentivizing SWAT soldiers. He created the SWAT Medals page on February 9, 2021, only two days after being bestowed the position of leadership. LEGOMAN was quick to design medals for future tournaments, important occasions and wars to forever be kept on the SWAT website and allow the participants to secure their place in SWAT history and be revered for all time.

March Madness Tournament (2021)

LEGOMAN led SWAT to victory in the first round of the Club Penguin Army Headquarters March Madness 2021 tournament against the People's Imperial Confederation. This victory was easily obtained as SWAT brought sizes of twenty-five and was faster and cleaner in both formations and tactics. Under the leadership of LEGOMAN, SWAT was able to contend against the Ice Warriors in the second round. Despite losing to the Ice Warriors, SWAT was able to rally sizes of around thirty and make their presence very known to an army that had once been unparalleled. This was seen as a victory in the eyes of SWAT, and LEGOMAN continued to make strides to maintain these high maxes for US and UK division events. It was also during this time that LEGOMAN created the Stories, Writing And Topics division which served as a SWAT media outlet.

Legends Page Revamp (2021)

SWAT Commander-in-Chief, LEGOMAN, worked alongside SWAT Creator, Ganger90, and SWAT Godfather, Stare3000, and looked through old event pictures dating back to SWATs founding years in an attempt to revamp the Special Weapons and Tactics Hall of Fame page on the SWAT Website. This was done as a way to honour the immense loyalty and dedication shown by the legends who paved the way for SWAT to be where it is today. LEGOMAN was able to design custom penguins and frames that were modelled after each SWAT Legend in their original uniform in an attempt to pay homage to all of the different personalities and people that make up the past and present of SWAT, and further document the history of the army as a whole.

Operation: Templaria (2021)


LEGOMAN was instrumental in the Operation: Templaria conflict which occurred in July of 2021. He wrote the initial SWAT declaration of war and quickly set out to campaign for SWAT and its empire. He was also able to develop numerous speeches of encouragement for the SWAT soldiers, especially during this time of war, to motivate and encourage troops, along with engaging in other forms of war propaganda. He was able to successfully lead triumph especially in the AUSIA division. Under his leadership SWAT was able to max peaks of thirty-six penguins, a max which was never before attainable in AUSIA for the current generation of SWAT. He was able to lead to numerous victories against the Templars on the AUSIA front, seizing it as a strength within the war, and even a 3-0-0 sweep at an AUSIA. He was able to reach out to numerous armies and secure their involvement within the war effort. He led SWAT to victory against Templars, which was officially declared by the Club Penguin Army Network hub on July 16, 2021. This victory successfully annexed all of Templars land into the SWAT empire, effectively doubling SWAT's current land. Despite this, LEGOMAN knew that even in the haze of victory, SWAT quickly needed to spring into action and claim more land on the map. SWAT's vast empire began growing with new invasions of freeland almost every day to cement their presence on the CPAN map.

Departure (2021)

LEGOMAN's operations with SWAT suddenly ceased on the 23rd July 2021 when he mysteriously left the server, one day prior to his one year anniversary within the army. Following his departure, SWAT was only able to muster sizes of thirteen troops for the massive Legends Cup XI tournament, widely regarded among the community as the biggest tournament of the year. He left the server with a recruit count of over 2200.

People's Imperial Confederation Career

Advisory Stints (2020)

During his SWAT career, LEGOMAN took up an advisory position with Sea Serpents, where he had advised diligently since the original creation. He helped advise to victory in their war against the Medieval Warriors, and created them various graphics for their server and website. He was able to lead many events as an advisor and even lead the event in which the Sea Serpents had reached one of their largest maxes since opening, peaking at twelve troops online. He was also involved with advising the Secret Service, an army that was able to triumph over LEGOMAN's previous home army, SWAT in the Legends Cup XI tournament despite never holding a practice battle prior in their entire generation. LEGOMAN was approached by his former foe in the Operation: Templaria War between Templars and SWAT, Xing. Xing approached LEGOMAN with a proposition to join the Templars advisory board for the upcoming Legends Cup XI tournament. LEGOMAN was initially quite hesitant to accept this position, due to his past altercations with the Templars, but eventually obliged. LEGOMAN was able to advise the army during the time when they reached their highest max of the post Club Penguin Online era, of seventy-five penguins online.

Sovereign Backlash War (2021)

LEGOMAN was an instrumental figure in the revival of the Skateboarders army, which he had created alongside ot_ter in October of 2020. He created their website and handled their graphic design throughout the army. He offered his services as an influential commander within the Sovereign Backlash War, which saw the newly revived Skateboarders face off against the Elite Federals, another recently revived army. After a brief series of skirmishes with no defined judge or land to obtain, LEGOMAN eventually devised the treaty to cause a cease fire between the two warring armies. He was able to collect the agreement of both sides of the war and thus conclude the conflict. It also marked his induction as a Skateboarders Legend on August 8, 2021.

War on Two Fronts (2021)

After leaving the Special Weapons and Tactics team, LEGOMAN found himself very involved in the ongoing Golden Intelligence War. LEGOMAN had been a member of the People's Imperial Confederation's advisory board since July 26, 2021 and had decided to help his adversaries in the People's Imperial Confederation during this conflict. He led numerous battles of the war for both the Smart Penguins and People's Imperial Confederation alike, both tactically and via voice chat commanding. Thus cementing him as a solid and consistent shadow commander in this war for the side of the Imperial Intelligence Alliance. He was able to lead to numerous victories notably with the People's Imperial Confederation where he was initially victorious in every room he led, commanding a 3-0-0 battle against the Post Malone Army on August 11, 2021. However, this victory screech briefly reached a halt later the same day when Post Malone Army brought on both SWAT and Templars to assist them in a battle. Despite the overwhelming amount of allies present for his foes, LEGOMAN was still able to command and still tie two rooms despite the size gap between the two armies, but the battle ended in a loss.

Ascent to PIC Leadership (2021)

PIC breaking its current generation max under the new PIC leadership

Following the two valiant battles fought on August 11, 2021, LEGOMAN was bestowed the honour of being officially inducted as the 11th Commander-in-Chief within the People's Imperial Confederation army. His promotion was issued via a formal discord announcement in the People's Imperial Confederation server written by Legend and Chairwoman, Shallissa. He thereafter took up the mantle of Commander-in-Chief, leading alongside the likes of ThePieLord and Aydoon2. Within less than twenty-four hours after his promotion was issued, LEGOMAN had already revamped many of the People's Imperial Confederation's modern graphics, including medals, custom penguins, website signatures, event posts, etc.

On August 13, 2021, PIC's leadership was able to command the Smart Penguins to a flawless 3-0-0 victory in their defense of Snow Angel against the Golden Troops, as per the request of Smart Penguins Legend, Superhero123. Two days after his promotion to Commander-in-Chief, LEGOMAN was also able to help lead the People's Imperial Confederation to their highest max of their current generation, reaching twenty-three penguins online. This historic max occurred on August 13, 2021 at a successful invasion of the server Jack Frost from the Post Malone Army. LEGOMAN once again assisted with a Smart Penguins invasion and led them to another 3-0-0 victory on August 14, 2020. This allowed the People's Imperial Confederation to gain the seventh position on the CPAHQ major army top ten for the first time in the history of the current generation. On August 16, 2021 he was able to once again surpass the generation peak max, raising it from twenty-three to twenty-five.

Challengers Cup 2 (2021)

Amidst the raging war, LEGOMAN helped to lead the People's Imperial Confederation through the Challengers Cup 2 tournament, hosted by the Club Penguin Army Headquarters. This tournament was extremely important to the People's Imperial Confederation due to them reaching the finals in 2020 , despite being disqualified because of Earthing's actions. The first round pitted the People's Imperial Confederation against the Dua Inn Lipa Fighters, which possessed many members of the Ice Warriors. PIC won the battle. The People's Imperial Confederation were set to battle the Secret Service in the semi-finals. This was an extremely close battle, with both armies having around eighteen troops each, however in the end the results declared a People's Imperial Confederation victory with a score of 1-2-0. This verdict meant that the People's Imperial Confederation were set to once again advance into the finals of this tournament, this time pitted against the Fire Warriors for the ultimate victory. The People's Imperial Confederation were able to successfully compete against their allies, but eventually lost in a very close battle. Following this tournament, PIC forged a brother alliance with the Fire Warriors, known as the Blazing Confederation Alliance.

March of the Sycophants (2021)

During and following the tournament, LEGOMAN was actively participating within the People's Imperial Confederations war effort against the Post Malone Army. He eventually wrote and published a declaration of war on the Golden Troops on August 19, 2021, entitled "Feelin' Rusty." This was published directly after the cease fire between the Smart Penguins and Golden Troops. The end of this week culminated with the People's Imperial Confederation reaching its highest placement on the top tens in its current generation, at the seventh position. He also was able to write a declaration of war against the Water Vikings on behalf of the Templars on August 22, 2021. Following this act on behalf on the Templars, LEGOMAN was inducted as a Templars Chevalier of Valor. On August 24, 2021, LEGOMAN assisted the Templars to a max of 41 penguins and a flawless 3-0-0 sweep against the Water Vikings in their first war battle. This would go on the be the sole 3-0-0 sweep of the entire conflict. Later that day, he was inducted as the Premier of the Congress of the Soviets within PIC. With LEGOMAN's help the People's Imperial Confederation was able to sustain the seventh position on both army league Top Tens, trumping the likes of once major armies, SWAT and the Silver Empire.

CPAHQ Awards (2021)

LEGOMAN was eventually nominated for two awards within the Club Penguin Army Headquarters' Night of Debauchery ceremony. These two awards were Best SM Leader and Best Organization Head. The SM Leader vote included a preference indication where those who responded to the forum could pick a first, second and third choice option. After a ten day voting period, the results were announced by DMT and Sidie9 via voice chat. These awards saw LEGOMAN triumphing over his competition with a massive one-hundred and fifty-nine point lead over his adversary, Sweater in the Best S/M Leader category. LEGOMAN was additionally able to obtain the Best Organization Head award, beating DMT by seven points, and beating the likes of Iceyfeet1234, Eden and Lord Pain. The race for Best Organization Head was so focused between both LEGOMAN and DMT, that the third and fourth choice's votes added together could not match LEGOMAN's total of fifty-eight. LEGOMAN was not only able to end the night with two plaques, but he was able to also have the honour of being the only community member that was nominated for more than one award to win all the awards he was nominated for. He was also able to record the proceedings upon the request of Sidie9, and publish them onto the LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! YouTube channel to preserve the grand event. In addition to the two awards he won, LEGOMAN's newly formed media organization was able to triumph over the Club Penguin Army Network for the second spot in Best Media Organization, and the SWAT vs Templars war he commanded was able to win the Best War award.

Fool's Gold Wars (2021)

The war among the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army against the People's Imperial Confederation was continuing to rage on, as it had for over a month. These two wars took up the combined name of the Fool's Gold Wars. Amidst this war, People's Imperial Confederation Commanders-In-Chief, ThePieLord and Aydoon2 retired along with high command member Welp and staff member Plant. Along with Sha, LEGOMAN was able to navigate and minimalize these losses as the duo continued commanding numerous invasions as the People's Imperial Confederation were slowly whittling down the nations of the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army. This resulted in the Golden Troops attempting to invade the Post Malone Army's capital, Eastern Shoreline, in a futile attempt to pursue and outcome where the Post Malone Army would not be force treatied. LEGOMAN and Shallissa were not eager to allow these loopholes to hinder their progress, causing Shallissa to contact the Club Penguin Army Network administration as LEGOMAN drafted a force treaty. Their combined results allowed for the successful force treaty of the Post Malone Army, and these events cascaded into the retirements of TheMightyA and N e h a.

Ultimately, without two of the Golden Troops' strongest leaders they were forced to accept defeat in the Fool's Gold Wars, remove themselves from the Club Penguin Army Network entirely and enter a state of hiatus. This outcome declared the People's Imperial Confederation the victors of the conflicts with a total warscore of 15-2. The conclusion of this conflict also left the People's Imperial Confederation with a surplus of land, namely holding twenty servers. This also allowed LEGOMAN to utilize LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! and obtain a total of ten servers via transfers and invasion. Amounting this empire to a grand total of thirty servers on the Club Penguin Army Network map.

The Final Threshold (2021)

LEGOMAN advised for Wet Army of Penguins, as he commanded them to reach a peak max of twelve troops. LEGOMAN continued leading the People's Imperial Confederation to maxes averaging from ten to fifteen, and helped the army successfully navigate the dreaded September drop. Eventually on September 10, 2021, LEGOMAN was inducted as a Harbinger of Chaos by Red Ravagers. LEGOMAN was then able to lead the People's Imperial Confederation upon their second anniversary gala event. This event saw peak maxes of twenty-three, under PIC's leadership and LEGOMAN created ample graphics and trophies to commemorate the historic occasion. It was in this event where he was bestowed the Biggest Personality award, which was voted upon by the members of the People's Imperial Confederation.

Vengeance Alliance (2021)

The People's Imperial Confederation was included in the Vengeance Alliance. In addition to this, the People's Imperial Confederation declared war upon the Water Vikings and entered the Silver Rush 2.0 Conflict, and helped to defend Help Force. LEGOMAN was eventually inducted as a People's Imperial Confederation Comrade on October 27, 2021. LEGOMAN's operations with the People's Imperial Confederation continue to the present.

Club Penguin Army Outreach

Formation (2021)

LEGOMAN had devised to create a media organization for quite a large sum of time, especially once focused on transmitting news via voice chat. Communicating news through voice chat was form of transmission had never been explored by any CPA media outlet, and LEGOMAN believed it would be able to revolutionize the media. He approached the likes of Koloway, Rowan Alden and Smurf with his idea and were presented with unanimous positive feedback. Following an altercation with the Club Penguin Army Network falsely accusing LEGOMAN's close friend, Sidie9 of making heinous comments, he decided it was the last straw. He approached his longtime adversary, Potassium and officialized the project on August 14, 2020.

Opening (2021)

The debut post of the Club Penguin Army Outreach organization was written by LEGOMAN himself, and was in regards to a massive Fire Warriors leadership shakeup that occurred. Club Penguin Army Outreach was the only news organization to reach out to AustinFraud, and to hear his perspective on his coup. He was also able to reach out to numerous other leaders within the Fire Warriors and gather their perspectives on the subject. The Club Penguin Army Outreach was the first to cover the shutdown of the Secret Service and Fire Warriors armies. It astounded many community members with its innovation in the form of summary videos on the articles, making it extremely easily accessible. LEGOMAN was able to enlist the likes of Flav and Sarahah to work alongside him as his Vice Executives. LEGOMAN was even able to produce a highly successful weekly recap podcast, in which he summarized the whole week in only five minutes. This was also widely regarded as the first official army news organizations to feature podcast as a staple of its operations. He was able to interview the likes of 2020 Army Legend Zuke for a massively successful podcast interview, in which LEGOMAN allowed the community to ask Zuke questions about his career and opinions.

Site Redesign & Decline (2021)

On September 15, 2021, LEGOMAN and Zuke set out to completely revamp the Club Penguin Army Outreach's site, most notably adding a custom domain, and an entire segment for podcasts to be viewed with specified plugins. An entire series was launched on Lord Pain, aptly titled Inside the Mind of Pain, formally debuting on September 16, 2021. LEGOMAN's operations with the Club Penguin Army Outreach continue to the present. An additional series was devised by LEGOMAN, entitled Community Insight, which hones in on specific community members and gathers their perspectives on ongoing politics. New columns were also launched, "Get to Know Your Army," in which specific armies are able to describe their day-to-day proceedings, and a short story column was introduced to allow creative expansion.

Club Penguin Army Outreach began to see a decline in activity from this. Plans to introduce a league were announced but did not progress beyond the initial announcement post. LEGOMAN became inactive within the league, ultimately leading to a near-standstill at the start of October, with only 5 posts being released throughout the month.

Wiki Career

Wiki Introduction (2020)

LEGOMAN initially stumbled upon the Club Penguin Wiki while looking for the websites of various armies. He was entranced by the idea of seeing past and present army history and decided to create himself a page (LEGOMAN) mostly in an attempt to gain clout within the community. However, his troll page received boatloads of views throughout the wiki and was able to introduce new people who had not previously heard of the Club Penguin Wiki to the idea of a Wikipedia pertaining to Club Penguin Armies specifically. There was much controversy around his page, and it was eventually deemed a joke page. Though through this experience, LEGOMAN was able to acquaint himself with the current wiki administration.

Promotion to Content Moderator (2021)

LEGOMAN eventually decided to contribute more and more to the wiki, creating pages for his fellow SWAT members to document their full army careers. After discussions with the Wiki Bureaucrats, Rowan Alden and Dino, he was given a trial content moderator position on January 11, 2021. This position was bestowed upon him in hopes of revamping the SWAT page, which he aptly and promptly did. During this period, LEGOMAN was tasked with creating a page for army legend, Zuke, and accomplished the task to Zuke's liking. He also was able to successfully singlehandedly navigate a vandal attack without having access to rollback capabilities. it was during this time he took the wiki leaderboard by storm and soared into the first place position, which he currently holds at a comfortable lead. Due to these things, and his overall activity within the wiki, he was given a promotion to a full-time content moderator.

Promotion to Administrator (2021)

LEGOMAN continually worked on the wiki and created graphics for pages. He was able to do research to expand on pages pertaining to very old army history, expanding his knowledge of Club Penguin Armies as a whole. He was able to create pages on CPA legends and notable figures within the community alike. LEGOMAN continued his steady ascent through the ranks, becoming a the Wiki's first ever senior moderator on March 20, 2021, as well as the first ever staff of the month. LEGOMAN was also able to be a large part in the naming process of the current era of the wiki, the Ascension Era. He steadily continued his operations on the wiki until he eventually ascended to the position of administrator on June 23, 2021. He has made pages for army legends and notable community members alike, including but not limited to: Zuke, Konrad, Crazzy, S Cargo2, Ganger90, Charizard Rules, Vedant, DrQueen and Owlcity207. He was able to work in tandem with Cabin and df44 to successfully and swiftly navigate a vandal attack on August 7, 2021. LEGOMAN was able to remove the perpetrator and his alternate accounts from the Wikipedia entirely, eliminating any further altercations with this user. He was also able to develop various pages pertaining to the basics of armies, such as formations, battles, multilogging, troopstealing, etc. He currently leads the charge of the Club Penguin Online Army League Wikiproject, and his activities on the wiki continue to the present.


Military Honors

  • 11th People's Imperial Confederation Commander-in-Chief (Inducted 8/11/2021)
  • 5th Premier of the People's Imperial Confederation Congress of Soviets (Inducted 8/24/2021)
  • People's Imperial Confederation Comrade Status (Inducted 10/27/2021)
  • People's Imperial Confederation Legend Status (Inducted 11/03/2021)
  • Island Invaders Akua Status (Inducted 12/22/2020)
  • Island Invaders Legend Status (Inducted 12/14/2020)
  • 71st SWAT Commander-in-Chief (Inducted 2/07/2021)
  • SWAT Hall of Fame (Inducted 2/05/2021)
  • Night Warriors Supreme Commander (Inducted 2/23/2022)
  • Fire Warriors Champion Status (Inducted 7/09/2021)
  • Skateboarders Legend Status (Inducted 8/08/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Outreach Legend Status (Inducted 9/14/2021)
  • Club Penguin Warfare Legend Status (9/06/2021)
  • Magma Clan Legend Status (Inducted 9/03/2021)

Civic Honors

  • CPAHQ 2021 Best SM Leader Award by Community Vote (Bestowed 9/11/2021)
  • CPAHQ 2021 Best Organization Head Award by Community Vote (Bestowed 9/11/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Outreach Creator (Created 8/14/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Outreach Legend (Inducted 9/15/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Wiki Council Member (Inducted 1/11/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Wiki First Ever Staff of the Month (Bestowed 3/20/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Wiki First Ever Senior Moderator (Bestowed 3/20/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Wiki March 2021 Staff of the Month (Bestowed 3/20/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Wiki Administrator (Bestowed 6/23/2021)
  • Club Penguin Army Wiki August 2021 Staff of the Month (Bestowed 8/10/2021)
  • Ice Warriors Class Clown Bronze Award (Bestowed 9/13/2020)
  • Templars Best Allied Leader Award (Bestowed 9/11/2021)
  • Army of Club Penguin Best Ally Award (Bestowed 9/12/2021)
  • PengLyfe Most Valued Person Status (Bestowed 9/06/2021)
  • Red Ravagers Harbinger of Chaos Award (Bestowed 10/10/2021)

Max Records

  • Led SWAT to maxes never attained prior in this current generation of the AUSIA division (thirty-six)
  • Led SWAT to max sizes of above twenty for the entire month of February when he was initially promoted to leader
  • Led PIC to max twenty-three in a successful invasion, reaching the highest max of the current generation, only two days after his promotion
  • Led PIC to max twenty-five and beat the previous highest generation max within three days of establishing it
  • Led PIC to max twenty-three again, upon reaching
  • Led PIC to reach and maintain the seventh spot on the major top ten
  • Recreator of Island Invaders which went on to max peaks of twenty-two
  • Creator of Skateboarders of CP which went on to max peaks of eighteen
  • Creator of LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! which went on to max peaks of thirty-one
  • Led Island Invaders to claim the first spot on the SM top ten in under a week of opening
  • Led Island Invaders to max peaks of eighteen with no allies present


  • People's Imperial Confederation Medal of the Sickle
  • Special Weapons And Tactics Golden Pumpkin Medal
  • Special Weapons And Tactics Winter Ball 2020 Medal
  • Special Weapons And Tactics 2021 Revolutionaries Medal
  • Special Weapons And Tactics March Madness Round 2 Medal
  • Special Weapons And Tactics One Year Anniversary Medal
  • Special Weapons And Tactics Helmet of the Fallen Medal
  • Special Weapons And Tactics Medal of Recruitment
  • Special Weapons And Tactics Year of Service Medal
  • Island Invaders Grand Revival Medal
  • Island Invaders Medal of Turnage
  • Island Invaders Legends Cup X Medal
  • Island Invaders End of an Era Medal
  • Island Invaders Super Secret Spy Shack Medal
  • Secret Service Cookie Agent Medal
  • Secret Service OG Agent Medal


  • Revamped the Hall of Fames of numerous armies with legend frames
  • Designed custom backgrounds for the PengLyfe CPPS
  • Designed flags for the likes of countless armies
  • Pioneer of creating concise event graphic posts
  • Trailblazed medals within armies with vast longevity
  • Created the first legend frame to have perpetually moving contents within it
  • Created numerous awards for many unique armies


  • Created the first media organization to primarily convey news via voice communication
  • First to publish an army podcast on Spotify
  • Overtook the efficiency of the major players of media within a few days of opening, despite this being a short lived streak
  • Garnered the support and praise of community members and legends alike for his innovation in the field


LEGOOMAN's name featured in the Ship Hold

  • Held the advisor rank in a total of thirty armies throughout his career
  • Preserved as much modern history as he experienced firsthand on the Club Penguin Army Wiki
  • Major player in six wars (Tiki Torch War, Operation: Templaria, Sovereign Backlash War, Golden Intelligence War, Fall Apart War, War of Rusting Hope)
  • Third place in Ice Warriors Class Clown Award 2020
  • Only person to be nominated for multiple CPAHQ awards and awarded every 2021 CPAHQ award they were nominated for
  • Only person to win two 2021 CPAHQ awards announced prior to the live ceremony
  • Revamped PengLyfe's advertisements with a voiceover
  • First to ever lead an event on PengLyfe CPPS
  • Holds the first position on the wiki leaderboard
  • Obtained the largest amount of badges in wiki history
  • Name featured in the Ship Hold of




Fan Art

CPPS Features


  • "Perhaps the opposition has seen it their most viable option to hold their tongue, as their argument is baseless and thus easily disputed."
  • "Retreat may very well be the most viable option for the opponent to leave with a mere scrap of their dignity intact."
  • "We are unquestioned."
  • "Strength is not given, it is earned, Those who are strong have learned to endure insane pain and not let it knock them down. They swallowed blows but did not let that break them. The have struggled with unbearable pain but they do not let that define them. We use that pain to fuel our fire, to fuel our unquenchable desire for more. Using what one can see as an obstacle as an opportunity. Staring relentlessly against the odds and proving yourself worthy of anything. That is strength."
  • "Firestar my wife"