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Lart Power, or better known as Lart, is a new Club Penguin Army user and an even newer Club Penguin player. He is a mysterious and a small figure and likes to always dig deeper into the situation.

Please note that not this page is under construction meaning that it is not all in chronological order, some events shown may also be wrong according to time.


Introduction to Armies (January 2021)

On January the 6 of 2021, Lart was scrolling through his DMs when he had received a very recent one, from someone named Darci. Darci had invited him into Doritos Gaming. The server was active and had events everyday. Lart had attended them. Though, he slowly began to find out that Doritos Gaming wasn't just any server on Discord. It focused on Club Penguin. He knew that it was an army, but the more he unraveled the more it became clear about what they do.

Creation of his Account (February - April)

Not much went through these months, other than the permanent shut down due to the deletion of Club Penguin. Lart had also been grinding a bunch to get to the highest role in Doritos Gaming, two months as Club Penguin Rewritten came back in a less developed version.

He had received yet again another DM from Darci telling him that his friend needed help with the history of the Doritos. Lart was confused because his friend could just search the history up on the CPA Wiki. Doritos' Faction season 1 leader of Mafias, Pandor, wanted to talk with Lart, but instead of asking him questions, he had simply lied and invited Lart into Fire Warriors.

Lart arrived in Fire Warriors dedicated to make history for Fire Warriors on April 8. He had enlisted as soon as he joined and had attended the first event late at seven. He had learned how the emotes work, and had understood that 30 minutes with room switches every 10 minutes. He was still learning the movements but understood the formations and bombs.

May - July

In a month, Lart had been ranked the highest member rank in Fire Warriors, Warrant officer. In a few weeks, Staff Applications opened and Lart had applied, he was sure that he was going to get accepted into 8ic. And in less than a week he was. Lart had kept his duties of recruiting and mentoring new recruits, and just attending events. He was active and kept on going. And was soon ranked up to Flame Officer.

Lart had also created an mid June army that didn't last that long, one known as Jays of CP, but supposedly deleted it a week after it was created.

Fall of FW

Fire Warriors had closed soon after the drama going between Austin and Sweater. Lart soon realized that he had to find a new army to go to, one he had soon found after he suggested some armies that he wanted to give a chance. Pandor had quickly came to Lart and had offered him 5ic in Wet Army Penguins. Lart accepted the offer and the day after, he had gathered two people to DM him and ask him the lead or mod their army.

He was convinced into joining another army, considering Golden Troops and Elite Federals. He was told not to join EF, as he was formerly a Fire Warrior, and so Lart joined Golden Troops, this lasted less than 24 hours, as Pandor had told him to join the staff team of Water Vikings, however, that lasted 5 minutes as he liked the idea of ranking up.

Once he reached a desired rank, he applied to Water Vikings and ranked up to 5ic whilst this, he also joined Tiger Warriors, getting automatically promoted to 4ic, then getting demoted soon after due to the dual enlist rule.


  • "Darkness Emerge"
  • "I have killed chat"
  • "Look who's back, your old Vice President."
  • "Wat"
  • "You-You-"
  • "They lied to me!"
  • "Admit that we were as strong as Fire Warriors once was!"
  • "You thought he was a spy? Well, technically he is."
  • "Life is nothing at all."
  • "Are you scared of sleeping?"
  • "War is Power."


  • Lart Power is known for writing two books relevant to CPA.