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The LG, we are a fairly new army created by TondraX and Ninja on February 30th, 2013. Our goal is not to be the largest army, although that would be nice, but the be the most disciplined, respected, and well trained army in Club Penguin. We choose to make allies instead of enemies and we try to be polite to all armies and everyone we meet. We hope you will join today! Long live the LG!

The Birth:

The Legion Of Glory was first founded by Blutheduke, MiniFotty, and Ktmkid01. The army officially started on Febuary 24th, 2012 but was planned for many weeks before.

The Rise:

On Febuary 30th of 2013, the Legion Of Glorys’ first 2nd-in-commands and 3rd-in-commands are announced. Shampio became the U.K. 2nd-in-command, while Torx became the 3rd-in-command. As for the U.S. Division, HardyStorm became the 2nd-in-command and Samlit22 became the 3rd-in-command.

They were on a role, making it into SMAC (Top 15). Blutheduke very soon disappeared without a trace. Ktmkid01 quickly took over and lead LG to a stunning SMAC top 5, averaging 15+ at events. Those glory days ended quickly, as the dark days of LG approached…

The Fall:

Ktmkid01 could just watch as his soldiers retired. Everyone in the army  wanted the dream of leading a major army, which none of them did. Ktmkid01 decided to take a break from CP armies, and relax. LG would be no more.

New Tread:

On December 10th 2013, the Legion Of Glory was re-created by TondraX, with Ninja with permission given by the main founder himself, Ktmkid01 (TondraX). LG is still alive under his leadership. They recruited their butts off to have rank page full of Mods/Owners. There was about 20+ soldiers at the time. TondraX decided to demote himself to advisor and take a break while Ninjadude800 still lead the army.

Rise 2:

Now, Ninja had his plans straight. First week for LG, and they get 10th in LG for maxing 6 at their first event, later that week, LG maxed 11 at another event. They must have another SMAC spot.

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