Leonardo3101 also known as Leo, is Segundo Tenente in EGCP, began his journey in armyies when Cookky2 invited him to join EGCP on December 5, 2017


He had known the armies since June 2017, the first army he met was Tubas, at first he was not interested in them

In November, he received Cookky's first invitation to enter EGCP, first declined the invitation, but a month later he joined EGCP.

As soon as Leo entered the EGCP, he started the war against the Black Hats, he had great prominence in this war. In his first month, was already a third sergeant, a promising rank for a soldier who has only one month of army. Also in December, Leo won the Christmas Chaos Hunt Tournament for EGCP and was one of the highlights

In January 2018, EGCP went to war against the UMA, Leo also had a great prominence in this war

In February he joined the EGCP Mod Line along with his companion Godheit123 . He also took the lead in one of the EGCP colonies, the DPCP (currently closed) . in that same month also conquered the title of the tournament of Sound of Soldiers, also had great performace

had a fall in its performance in the months of March and April, at the end of May it recovered surprisingly

in June became the Recruitment Minister of EGCP, since it was already occupied by Leader Victoria484 and Sonic64 a former member currently retired


  • He was born in Japan and his parents are also pure Japanese, but he lived most of his life in Brazil
  • He has a poor relationship with Belga and Alex (members of EGCP)
  • He had a good relationship with Kakashi Hokage , a former EGCP member and DPCP Colony Leader
  • Currently a reference in EGCP recruitment
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