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Limbo yeti started his army career in 2014 (full date unkown) when he joined club penguin army Water Ninjas he attended events for some time in 2014 he was unknown in the army because he didnt talked in the chat or with members of it. after some time he quitted armies until august 19 2017 when he found out about RPF in CPR and joined it he wasnt active for a month after a month he started attending event and being active and after started being very active in chat (in winter olympics) and got to colonel rank very fast. in january 30 ,2018 limbo yeti and his friend "arab bomber" created the army CNNON that still didnt had events hosted he also made "arab bomber" the commander because he is busy with other armies and cant really be active in cnnon. in february 1 ,2018 limbo yeti joined HRC(Hawk Rebellion Catch) and attended an event and got promoted to private first class. (limbo yeti is also a visitor in romans army and attended in one of their events as a visitor). limbo yeti also was tubas hater and always fighted them and tried to win them even if he was alone. also limbo yeti never saw an army before 2014 (he started playing cp at 2010) its funny because he was active in most of club penguin servers and he played almost all day.

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