The Lime Green Army, also known as LGA, is a group of lime green penguins that were eventually formed into an army. Officially created on April 5th, 2013 by Greeny15390, the Lime Green Army was a predominent force in the small/medium community during the years 2013-15.

During the summer of 2016, the 1st version of the CPA server map was introduced by RPF creator, Commando717. LGA took advantage of their ability to have multiple invasions a day and ended up leaving a big impact on the map. This caused tensions to brew and eventually led to LGA engaging in war with multiple armies. Because of what they felt like was an impossible situation to get out of, they ended up merging into the RPF on August 7th, 2016 after achieving 5th place two weeks in a row on then primary news/media outlet, CP Army Central.

It wouldn't be until Club Penguin Armies v2 was created in April 2019 that LGA would return to the community. Being brought back by veteran Memmaw and creator Greeny, who also happened to be the founders of CPA v2, the army was passed off to entirely new leadership. It began with two unfamiliar faces Paulina and Emilianio who despite their best efforts didn't do much for the army. Chainpro would later join the leadership demoting the current leaders to divisional and taking the position of main leader. This would go on until Chain left his leadership and promoted Zeke to the leader to run it, after which other army Invaders merged into the LGA and as a result, their leader, Fresh, became new co-leader to LGA. On August 16th, Zeke would step-down to an advisory role after not having the time to fulfil his leader one.

If you'd like to join the Lime Green Army, click here to go to their discord.

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