Llafd is an abbreviation of Lets Look At Furry Dig, which references a sacred image made by the holy KSPlayer1337. In the image two penguins are visible wearing bear suits, saying the magic words of wisdom. If you want to view the holy image yourself, simply direct your eyes to the image below.

Furry dig

The image also features the names of these two blessed penguins, unveiling the sacred words to the now holy city around them. And those previously mentioned names where Wallart 667 and Garosengen68. If you ever see them whilst waddling around in club penguin, know this: You have just witnessed a god in penguin form on an online childrens mmo game. You do not realize the power you have when you are blessed by these two people. According to an ancinent stone tablet found in Atlantis, anybody who says these words lift a horrible curse that has been tormenting several familys for years.

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