Lots of Pie started CP armies in Mar. 15 2008 in WW. Now if you ask for a promotions he gets it.When he first came on chat, his name was something look, "SchkookieLov" and ask if Lots of Pie can have a promotion. His response was no, and thats going to be the same response he will give you. One time when he was on WW chat, a guy called"troopx" asks if he can join his army. Remember, he was new to CP armies, and he thought that having a high rank in another army would be awesome. So he joined, and became co-leader. The army was called "UT". We were easily one of the biggest medium armies by September 08. He led many sucsessful battles, got many recruits (CP filtered United Troopers). And so, One day, Therinator asks If he want to join UMA. He said sure, and came on UMA chat, which was that time. Now it's . So He joined, and became very active. He climbed the ranks, and skipped a few rank because of a headcount. And once he became a mod rank, He was as active as my first army, WW. Now a WW leader retired, and WW started to be boring, and He had 80% of my attention to UMA. Being this active, it only took him 7 months to become a co-leader, and he finally became leader on March, 24, 2009.

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