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LuciferStar, or commonly referred to as Lucifer, is a new generation Club Penguin army player who is best known for his revival and leadership in the CPPS-era's first generation of the Elites. Other than reviving the Elites, Lucifer has served in the Ice Warriors, Crimson Guardians and Zuke's Club Penguin Online SWAT. He served as the CP Army Hub's Chief Executive Officer until it's abrupt shutdown.

Army Career

Early Army Career

LuciferStar's army career began on the prevalent Club Penguin Online, where he first joined the Doritos. His frustration of the Doritos flooding the Town with their bot recruiting script led him to their Discord, where he served as a Private before joining the Ice Warriors under S Cargo 2's leadership.

Ice Warriors & Crimson Guardians

Although he planned on leaving, Ice Warriors leader Doggorage convinced him to join their army, and he remained loyal to the Ice Warriors. Starting at the lower ranks, Lucifer moved up as high as Fourth-in-Command and was very active in their Discord. There, he met future Elites Godfather Mythic and other troops, who would later be apart of the forthcoming revival. However, an altercation between Ice Warriors Leader and Legend Andrew24 created a disparagement leading Firestar, Doggorage, and Lucifer's friend group to leave the army. Naturally, he too left and joined the Crimson Guardians.

His time in the Crimson Guardians wasn't notable, but LuciferStar served as a moderator and had some involvement before taking a break from armies.

Special Weapons and Tactics

After his brief break from Club Penguin and armies, Lucifer returned to the Special Weapons and Tactics after both Conor/Sweater and Mythic offered him a position. His time in SWAT wasn't as long as his Ice Warriors tenure, but there, he met Simmonds2000. Simmonds2000 was the SWAT EU Leader who rose up the ranks but would later leave the army and be one of the three individuals behind the Elites' revival.


Due to disagreements with the SWAT Leadership, LuciferStar left and joined both Simmonds and Mythic to create a new army. The trio was conflicted and sought to open legendary armies such as the Pretzels, Romans, Army Republic, etc. Pretzels and the Army Republic were shot down, and they failed to receive a reply from a Romans leader, but Badboy granted them permission to revive the Elites. Badboy was removed from the Elites amid his leadership, but the lack of legends around gave the former leader the ability to authorize a revival. Using their newfound permissions, the three held the rank of Godfathers and opened the Elites. Unfortunately, their opening was too late and Club Penguin Online was scheduled to shut down because of questionable acts by the administration. Nevertheless, the Elites held their opening event achieving a max of about thirty and continued to rise.

They began their rise tied for third on the CPO: Army League's S/M Top Ten, went up as far as 4th place, beating the likes of the Water Vikings and SWAT. During their time at Club Penguin Online, the Elites were involved in the Badboy Wars and pitted themselves against Golds, a CPO Administration army. Due to the circumstances, the New Dawn Alliance collapsed and the Elites continued their mission of achieving glory. On the CPOAL's server map, they ended with 26 servers, which was the most any army held including the Doritos, Ice Warriors, Pirates, and other major powers.

By the time of CPO's shutdown, they moved their operations to CPA: The Game and had their eyes set on the Legends Cup. During this change, the Elites also held a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin. The army that was alive for less than a month ended up drawing against the ACP, which was a testimony to their primal strength. During Legends Cup, they had a successful run too. Breezing past the Sun Troops, the Elites faced their most anticipated battle against the Water Vikings, an army similar to the Elites in growth. Both armies put in a great effort, but the verdict came down to 1-2-0 in the Elites' favor, bringing them to the semifinal. Unfortunately, the Rebel Penguin Federation swept them, ending their chance at the Legends' Cup trophy.

Lucifer spent some additional time in the army, but to focus on his rising media career, he retired and was deemed a legend by former Elites' legend Peep, who was both proud of his work and legitimized this generation. He served as both an Advisor, but became inactive and distanced himself to remain unbiased. He later participated in the generation's last event.

LuciferStar serves as an advisor to the ninth official generation of the Elites, permitting Spotty, Simmonds, and AustinFraud to begin a new generation. However, a community wide incident prompted the Elites to shut down alongside several other armies, beginning the transition to a gaming hub.

Media Career

Club Penguin Online Army League

While Lucifer was in the Ice Warriors, he held an interest in joining the newly formed reporting team in the CP Online: Army League. The League mainly posted Top Tens, but with the addition of the CPAC 5 (Atticus, Zing King To, Supa Em, Kingfunks4, Superoo), they began to expand to media coverage. Under Atticus's tenure as Chief Executive Officer, Lucifer began as a Reporter. His first article can be found here backed up and uploaded on the CP Army Hub. One of his most popular posts as a reporter is about Mustapha10's coup from the Doritos, which can be found here.

Despite being a reporter for less than three weeks, he was promoted as the league's first Editor-in-Chief and later became Vice President in another two weeks. Eventually, LuciferStar was promoted to the position of Board of Directors alongside the likes of 32op, Mehakk, Andrew24, Epic101, and Iceyfeet1234. Among the directors, Lucifer had the least amount of experience in armies (5 months), so achieving as high of a rank as Board of Directors, as well as Chief Executive Officer, was the peak of his army career. After the closure of Club Penguin Online and the league's rebranding to the CP Army League, he maintained this position until the merger between both CPAL and CPAM.

Klondike Accord & Club Penguin Army Hub

Talks about a merger began as far as 2020, but the removal of Epic101 from the Club Penguin Army League made the idea possible. 32op, LuciferStar, and Mehakk began talks with the CP Army Media's administration (Emcee, Ayan, Pookie437, Max) to start the merger. In early June, the administrations of both websites, later joined by Zamb following his promotion to Board of Directors, planned out a new website and league to replace the two.

The original name, New Club Penguin Armies, was replaced by the Club Penguin Army Hub to represent the newly formed league/media as a "hub" for armies of all sides of the community. LuciferStar held a pivotal role and contributed to both the "Zick Truth of Zuke", an expose towards Board of Director Zuke who opposed the CP Army Media, and the announcement of unification that opened the doors to the new website (which can be found here). Today, the Club Penguin Army Hub remains the biggest league and news site in the community, and LuciferStar served as the Chief Executive Officer. Recognized for his efforts, he was met with a Legend nomination, but didn't receive the status as he had 1-13 votes, one in favor of his status.

On January 11th, 2021, a threatening group known as "GH05T" began targeting high-profile individuals throughout the community, including the CP Army Hub staff. As a result, several armies including the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and other major/small-medium powers left the league. As per decision by founders, advisory and the administration, the CP Army Hub began a transition dissolving the league and solely becoming a media entity, as well as LuciferStar's eventual retirement to inherit Eden's server ownership. However, an unknown incident conspired by the GH05T group led to the server's ownership in their hands, and a deface of the 5k+ member Discord. Effectively, the media entity shut down.