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Lydia (also known as lideeuhhh, itakebigmac, iistoleyourbigmac) started her army in 2019 and is best known for being one of the few female leaders of the Underground Mafias Army. She has also seen service in the Doritos of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Redemption Force, and Templars. She was also a notable leader of the Skateboarders of CP. Throughout her career, she has set herself apart from other Post-CP females and would eventually rise to become the Commander of the famous Underground Mafias Army.


Beginnings in the DCP (2019)

In December of 2019, Lydia was recruited into the Doritos of Club Penguin by autotypers on Club Penguin Online. Eventually in about 1-2 months, she would be hired as staff in the Doritos and work up be promoted to the rank of 5ic. During her time as staff, she would become close with fellow staff member 4207b who went on to create the "DCP Refugees" group. The group formed as a result of the toxicity in the DCP staff team. While in the group, Lydia was awakened to the abuse and toxicity of the Doritos' staff team and further developed her anti-DCP sentiments. The DCP Refugee movement would see multiple DCP staff members leave for its rival army, the Ice Warriors. Lydia would officially leave the DCP and join the Ice Warriors staff team sometime in March of 2020.

Move to Ice Warriors

In early March of 2020, Lydia would leave the DCP staff team and depart for the Ice Warriors of CP where she would be given the rank of 6ic. After about 2-3 weeks, she was then promoted to 5ic. Eventually in late April, Lydia would leave the Ice Warriors for the Redemption Force of CP.

Time in Redemption Force

Due to a recommendation from an unknown person, Lydia was tempted to make the move from the Ice Warriors to the Redemption Force. She joined RF as the rank of 5ic and officially left the IW staff team. Within a few weeks, due to her hard work at recruiting, she was eventually promoted to 2ic after rising through the ranks quickly. 2ic would be the highest rank Lydia had ever been given in armies at the time. Once again, she would eventually leave her current army to join the Templars of CP in [DATE].

Time in Templars

In [MONTH] of 2020, Lydia would join the Templars of CP for the rank of 2ic/LIT. WIP