Macguy1 was a Sith Lord working for Herbert P. Bear during the events of the Great Club Penguin War. He has formed a team of puffles, penguins, and many great fleets. He was a unpopular penguin looking for fame. Then came the event.


Like all Club Penguin players, Macguy1 started as being registered. Overtime he grew enraged that he wasn't as well liked as others. He then devised many schemes, such as faking penguin names to get POTD, actualy trying to do stuff to get on the POTD (does not work, he failed). Eventualy, he got fed up so he planned to take over Club Penguin and make people like him. 

That is when he established Team Macguy, and undergoed the name Darth Skywalker. He has gotten terribly scarred after a duel, much like Anakin Skywalker.  Macguy1's goal was to conquer Club Penguin and get his wish, First he needed a helper..

That's when he created millions of crab clones to obey him. Macguy1 ordered the crabs to capture any penguin against him. This lead to Operation: Hypno

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