The Magna Bello Era, is the Era of War and Progressive Building Upon CP Armies. This era was during November of 2017 and early parts of 2018.

Early Magna bello Era (Late November 2017 - January 1st 2018)

The Early Magna bello Era saw many wars and building upon CP Armies. This would include 2+ wars that were popularly made.

Building of Armies (Late November - Early December 2017)

The Later Parts of Novemeber saw an army named the Dark Knight Empire and another called the United Republic of Penguins each grow well. They both came out pretty strong. They were both successful for a number of times until the Fall of December.

Fall of December (December 10th - December 20th, 2017)

The Fall of December saw the CP Army Sanctions come about. These made no advertising and no events on 2 bar servers above. These laws were broken a lot and had no true negative outcome on armies except for the Dark Knight Empire, which disbanded on December 16th, 2017. Many other armies didn't get enough Troop Economy, but they still continued to fight on. The Fall of December lasted not for too long. Only around a week.

Wars (November of 2017 - December of 2017)

These times saw many wars upon the armies. Here are the few.

War of Roman Subjugation (December 5th - December 9th 2017)

Main Article: War of Roman Subjugation

The War was declared on December 5th, 2017 and lasted until December 9th, 2017 where the Romans stopped all relations with DK/DKE and the NVA. When the war was first declared, the new leader of DK, SavageCobra, made a huge deal with several armies. An URP leader name Doctor Calamus, formed the NVA. SavageCobra and him both led it. The NVA offically got into the war. NVA kept on growing and growing. It ended up being around 6-7 armies vs 2 armies. The Romans saw victory on 2 battles, Deep Freeze and a skirmish on Blizzard. The other 4 were all NVA/DK victories. The Romans officially declared victory after the NVA started relating with RPM. Though the claimed Victory was considered as a surrender and the DK/NVA were considered to be victorious. It became a 50/50 POV war. Nobody is certain who won, so asking somebody will more likely be biased.

Mafia-Knight War (December 29th - 2017)

Main Article: Mafia-Knight War

The Mafia-Knight War was a war declared on December 29th 2017 against the CPPS Mafia. UMA and the Dark Knight Empire declared this war upon the CPPS Mafia after they were proven to be assholes and all-talk

Middle Mafna Bello Era (January 1st - ? 2018)

Soon to Come

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