1. From time to time Mammoth has been a server to battle for. Since a bold ACP Invasion in 2009, Mammoth has been "held hostage." It all started in Early August 2009. Oagal ordered ACP troops to attack all nachos or any other army soldiers on Mammoth. Since then Nachos have ordered alliances to re-neautrualize Mammoth (giving position to all armies except ACP.) However, because of its color ACP has rallied many rogues to defend the server, aguably the only reason why mammoth or any other battle with acp cannot be won- their rogue troops move and follow to wherever the battle is. With record breaking sizes of 120 , rogues are suspected to make up about 60 to 50 troops. Oagal is considered to be the mastermind behind the rogues making acp effectively huge, like making operation B.I.G. Oagal is obsessed to the theory that ACP will never be big enough, and so he stays around with ACP althought supposedly "retired."
  1. The last World War the nacho rescue attempt failed, because of allies turning sides to acp. You may occasionaly see nachos on mammoth , attacking ACP with a guerrilla war, but mammoth is still pro-ACP.
  1. During the last World War, ACP left a group of rogue troops on Fjord, led by Obi Wan 65. Obi Wan sends troops from mammoth to fjord, convincing them he is their leader. Now mammoth's seemingly thick shell of acp troops is leaving, althought acp leaders to not know it, Mammoth is now vulnearble to raids averaging only 6-7 soldiers on mammoth, less than the old average of 30 troops. One thing is for sure; Until ACP agrees to neutrualize mammoth, and their rogues disappear, there will always be wars on mammoth.
  1. Last Updated on 9/12/10

Beligerents 2008 2009 Jan- June 2010
Nacho Army Shared Driven out Driven out/ trying to "free"
Army of Club Penguin Shared Owners Owners
Small Armies (and other non-pro-ACP Armies) Shared Driven Out Driven out/ no action
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