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Mare, also known as Belts, is a 2021 S/M Army Legend, Club Penguin army leader, and former CPAH judge and reporter. She joined the community in 2020, and was quickly able to gain a staff position in the Special Weapons And Tactics. She presently holds the rank of Leader in SWAT.


Early Career

Mare was a player of the Original Club Penguin, and was ecstatic to find that it had been brought back 2018. She had never done anything with armies before until she was discord direct message recruited from Club Penguin Online discord by SWAT Leader Jaylen in April of 2020. She was able to rise through the fast, and very soon after joining she had already gained staff. She wasn't too sure about most of the army stuff in SWAT, so she decided to transition to Bay's Generation of Golds. Eventually, Mare decided to move back to SWAT, where she would spend the majority of the rest of her career.

Creation of ODA

On April 26th, Mare decided to help create a new army called One Direction Army with her friends Aubz, Frankie and Izzy. It was based around the boy band of the same name, and was a huge success overall. It initially started as more of a meme army, but it quickly gained attention and members. They went on to compete in the Legends Cup X, and they were also able to max peak heights of up to 21 penguins. They even were able to negotiate a merge deal with a small army called the Fire Ninjas of Club Penguin, gaining a few new active directioners from there. The One Direction Army is also a consistant placer in the Club Penguin Army Hub Small Medium Army Top Ten. It was also able to bring new active members to the community such as Graceee, Nelly and Astro. Mare was so committed to One Direction Army that she left SWAT to pursue it full time. One Direction Army was successful enough to gain 2 pieces of land on the Club Penguin Army Hub Map, their capital Sparkle, and Fog. Mare eventually did end up taking a breif 2 week bream from the boy band themed army, but returned shortly after to continue her journey with her One Direction Family.

SWAT Leadership

As a member of SWAT since July, Mare was extremely invested in the army. She had rose all the way up to the rank of Leader in Training in about 5 months of service, despite temporarilly leaving to focus on One Direction Army fulltime, she returned with a main focus on SWAT. In SWAT she was able to make such great and close friends, especially one in particular named Camotes. Eventually, a conflict arose with Water Vikings and SWAT, because of troopstealing allegations against SWAT Leader and Creater Ganger90. Mare sprung into action, consistently showing up to battles and rallying the troops against the Water Vikings. To help the war effort, she was able to create such tactics as the EF and ED Flicker, which she dubbed "Photosynthesis." Due to her immense deciaction to SWAT, she was promoted to Leader. Even though she missed the first battle after her promotion, she led SWAT brilliantly through the war and proceeded on to lead the Purple Division along with fellow SWAT Leaders Coolguy and Kaliee.


  • Co-founding the One Direction Army
  • Nominated for S/M Army Legend in 2020 and 2021
  • 2021 S/M Army Legend