Matthew is the Founder and Former Leader of the RAC. After December 5th of 2017 Matthew Retired.

Brownpen4 took his place as Leader and Matthew was named Former Leader which later became Retired Leader. After what happened on December 5th Matthew never wanted to be Leader again.

Early Years

During the Early Years of the RAC Matthew would right Journals about the events that happened to them. He started to write them in February of 2017 and continued until December 5th 2017. He would often right how impressed he was that his men kept the secret of the Army. He would have events often and would recruit people to the RAC in secret.

Matthew's Goals

Matthew had so many goals he wanted to achieve in the RAC. He wanted to hide his army then show it to all at a big Event. He wanted the RAC to grow and he wanted his members to have fun and enjoy the Army. "he made everything fair and was nice to everyone" said Brownpen4. Matthew wanted the best for everyone in the RAC.

As of Now Matthew still chats with other members of the RAC but no longer plays on any CPPS or attends the events. Matthew is on at least 4 times every week and makes sure everything is fine in the RAC.

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