The Metal Warriors were created by Lenco and Pahi8 on July 22, 2010. The most unique thing about the Metal Warriors is that they were from Croatia and spoke Croatian. They showed dominance in tournaments and became one of the most popular armies ever.


The Metal Warriors were created by Lenco and Pahi8 on July 22, 2010. The army didn't have much organised events in the beggining, members of the army were mostly having fun on Club Penguin and meeting on Xat. In September 2010 Pahi8 took over the leadership due to Lenco's absence. During Pahi8's leadership MW was in a war with the army called The Finns. Metal Warriors in their early days were not recognised by the rest of the community and didn't follow the standards of CP warfare, but this started to change with Lenco's return in April 2011 as the army became more organised.

During summer of 2011, thanks to the Small and Medium Army Central (SMAC), Metal Warriors finally started to get recognised by other armies, as they were added to the army list along with the servers MW owned. Their popularity started to flourish after an article about them was published on SMAC. After that they were finally being included in weekly Top 10s and invited to various tournaments. Many interviews were done with them and many articles were being written about them by all army news sites as Metal Warriors were the first and only not native english speaking army in the community.

In late 2011 and early 2012, Metal Warriors were thriving at tournaments, winning most of the small and medium army tournaments and ended 4th on CPAC Champions Cup, during this time they were frequentely included on CPAC Top 10s, one week reaching 5th place as the army's highest position in history.

In July 2012 the army couldn't gather many troops on their events so Lenco decided to enter a short lockdown, thinking the army will start doing good again in August, but that didn't go like Lenco thought it would. Disappointed, Lenco retired from the army, leaving the leadership to Ivjak and Pahi8, but shortly after, the new leader duo retired as well, that leading to the army's first closure on August 15, 2012.

Not even a month passed and the Metal Warriors were back, with Lenco as their leader once again. With old troops joining again and gaining new ones, things were looking quite good for them again. During fall 2012, MW were competing on several tournaments and entered a short war with the Navy of Club Penguin. Metal Warriors took part in the World War VI on the side of White Alliance, that caused them to fight with their former allies the Pirates.

In early 2013 things were seeming good for Metal Warriors as they were getting good sizes and won an award for being the best medium army of 2012 at the SMAC awards 2012, Lenco even got an award for being the best small and medium army leader.

Pirates took all their servers so the Metal Warriors had to start from scratch. Gaining servers, competing in tournaments and taking part in the World War VI was how early 2013 looked for Metal Warriors

During spring 2013, MW got into three different wars, against UMA, Water Ninjas and Light Defenders. After the wars, MW didn't have any events for two weeks, then they had one unsuccesful event leading them to close their doors once again and this time they thought it was going to be permanent, but that was not the case.

In December 2013 Metal Warriors opened again, once again with Lenco as their leader. They started to claim new servers, got involved in a short war with the Golds and ofcourse competed in many tournaments. The army was doing quite good during the summer, but when September came the army became less active. In October 2014, Lenco decided to retire from Club Penguin and to close down Metal Warriors for good.

The Metal Warriors have stayed remembered to this day as one of the best medium armies ever, as a favorite in tournaments and as the only not native english speaking army to become strong and successful.

In 2015 the Metal Warriors have been declared the 32nd best army ever by CPAC.


  1. Lenco
  2. Pahi8
  3. Lenco (2)
  4. Ivjak
  5. Pahi8 (2)
  6. Lenco (3)

Notable members, Metal Warriors legend list

According to the Metal Warriors website, this is the list of people that made Metal Warriors become what they were. For their work, dedication and honor to the army they will stay remembered forever.

  • Lenco
  • Pahi8
  • Mr Einstein4
  • Mario777
  • Herty86
  • GP
  • Pingy Ping1
  • Diego2310
  • Joso047
  • Pingu26987
  • Roberto23715
  • Ivjak
  • Milos6684
  • Green Gvin
  • Bubi23
  • Nicol78091
  • Ww Leo Ww
  • Skater Profi
  • Matijao1
  • Fico290
  • Urke15
  • Deluxe661
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