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Mistymoonlake, or Misty for short, was a Water Vikings leader who served for parts of 2021 and 2022.


Introduction to Armies (2020)

Mistymoonlake was direct message recruited into the Water Vikings on October 25, 2020, off of the Club Penguin Rewritten Discord server by Change. She joined the army during the Halloween week celebration and became active within the Water Vikings server. Misty would attend events while participating within various recruiting regiments. She was able to break the record for most recruits in a single week with 534 recruits, overcoming Bluey's record of 365.

Water Vikings Leadership (2021)

Mistymoonlake was eventually promoted to leadership alongside her fellow Leader-In-Training, Oreo as the grand finale of the Kingfunks4 takeover week. This promotion took place on April 27, 2021. During her tenure as leader she was able to flesh out the AUSIA division, raising AUSIA maxes from twenty to twenty-seven, whilst maintaining maxes of around twenty-five in the US and UK division. She was also a Chief Executive Officer for the Ocean Oracle reporting division. Misty was instrumental in the fallout of the brother alliance between the Water Vikings and the Silver Empire. This stemmed from numerous personal disagreements with herself and the high command team of the Silver Empire. She was then forced to step down from leadership due to this, and officially retired on June 26, one day short of leading for two months.

Second Water Vikings Leadership (2021)

Around October 11, 2021, Misty returned for her second tenure as a leader of the Water Vikings.