Mr Prussian also known as "Vsauce" is Elite Tuba General for the official Tuba Army. He is also affiliated with several armies such as the Romans and URP. His CPR name is "Otara".


Mr Prussian is still fairly new to armies. He was just a normal player of CPR when on September the 16th was recruited to the Tuba Army. He was inspired by the closeness and friendliness of armies and decided to join the tubas discord. On September the 18th a large battle against RPF broke out on CPR, Blizzard, Lighthouse. The tuba discord was raided by RPF, and so he, tygokid, and scout founded a new tuba discord and revived the army from a trend to an organized army composed of now 100 members with 9-15 active members. Mr Prussian quickly rose though the ranks and on December the 10th was in charge of the army, though Cajan still keeps the role of leader.

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