Next Generation ACP, lead by rapidy, commando717 and Hattrick they are the Arch Enemies of ACP, they stand for democracy! Yet they have a communist symbol on their site...

Tuxy9349's edit- NGA wants democracy for ACP, but they only make babyish excuses. They don't really want democracy for ACP, they just want to get high in the ranks fast without working. (they want to be leaders) It's n00bish. The communist symbol is from the Italians (enemies) in WWII. Recently ACP had elections for ambassador, and they were cancelled because of arguing, people being accused of cheating, and Moderators on ACP xat cursed. The election was only up for a good 5 hours. what would it be like if we had elections for LEADER OF THE ARMY.


Dryvit shut this clan down for Doxing.

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