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The Nacho Army, more commonly known as the Nachos, was one of the first armies ever organized. The army was created by Jamesbond1 in 2006.

The History of the Nacho Army of Club Penguin 2006-2017

The Nachos were one of the first armies ever created in Club Penguin.  Soon after the Color Wars and during WWII the Nachos were created.  During this period, the Nachos were a rogue army meaning they ran around having battles without a centralized leader leading them. That was until Jamesbond1 came around.  Jamesbond1  is the first organized leader of the Nachos.  Nothing more is known about Jamesbond1 except this.  He was obviously a great leader to organize a rogue army and lead them.  He gave the Nachos a leadership system which was a big step into the right direction of becoming a major army in Club Penguin Warfare.  Although we know who the first two leaders of the Nachos were,  (1st) Jamesbond1 and (2nd) Jm2000, there is still very little is known about the beginning (first 2 generations) of the Nachos because there were no written records written on a website.  It was not until the 3rd generation that a website was made by the 3rd leader of the Nachos Tom Wolf.

The Nachos were very successful ever since the beginning; not because of a lot of troops though.  Troops were never a huge thing for the Nachos back in the days.  What made the Nachos successful was that we had great tactics, very loyal soldiers, and we believed we could win every battle against all odds. We had fun at every battle; no matter if we were winning or losing.

Early Nacho History

Nacho Headquarters

Early nachos.jpg

It wasn’t until the Third Generation of the Nachos a website was made.  The first website was created by Tom Wolf, the third leader of the Nachos.  Tom Wolf had been a soldier under the leadership of the Jamesbond1, and worked his way up to leader.  Tom Wolf realized the Nachos needed a place to gather if they wanted to stick together as an army without getting lost since every soldier matters.

Check out the very first Nacho website through this link!

Migration from Blizzard to Mammoth

Blizzard was the Nachos birth server, and also our first capital.  It was where most of the Nachos were positioned and found, but Blizzard was starting to be over run by the Romans.  Romans had amazing numbers at this time thanks to the Roman helmet just coming out in the catalog.  With these numbers, it made it very hard for the Nachos to fight off these invaders.

Just as early nachos.jpg

At the same time, a new server was becoming very popular to Club Penguin Armies.  This server was Mammoth.  The Nachos were losing recruits and troops with the Romans attacking Blizzard frequently, so Tom Wolf  had to make a tough decision whether to try to save the Nachos birth server or to go get more recruits to keep the army alive.  Ultimately, Tom Wolf decided to take as many troops as possible to Mammoth, but many were still left behind.

The Nachos created a new base in Mammoth and tried to get as many new recruits as possible. In Mammoth, the Nachos met many new armies, like the UMA (Underground Mafias Army), the ACP (Army Of Club Penguin), and many others later to come.


The UMA (Underground Mafias Army) were a new army to Club Penguin around this time.  They were growing very fast and some how the Nachos became a target to them.  The Nachos had no idea why they were attacking them, but they weren’t just going to be pushed around, so the Nachos entered a war with the UMA.

[The Nachos and the UMA clashed many times during this era.]

It was a long, tough war.  Battles happened frequently all day long.  As the skirmishes went on, both armies started getting more and more frustrated with each other.  Spam comments started to be left on the Nachos’ website and the UMA’s website.  According to some soldiers from this era, they claimed the UMA were hacking them and banning them on Club Penguin.

The Nachos were still unsure how and why this war started.  Tom Wolf thought UMA declared war on the Nachos because Amf Bot impersonated him.  Amf Bot, most likely, insulted Pink Mafias: the creator/leader of the UMA.  This might have been the cause, but the UMA really just liked to declare war to have some fun.  Either way, Tom and Pink met and agreed to a peace treaty, and the Nachos and the UMA become allies which led to a strong alliance between the UMA and the Nachos in the years to come.

First Depression

After the war with UMA, there was a big drought of war for the Nachos.  People began to lose interest in the Nachos because of the lack war.  As the Nachos were losing troops, the ACP and UMA were gaining power because they were fighting wars against each other almost every day.  Everybody wanted to join the ACP,  the UMA, or some other rising army.  The Nachos wanted to enter into this war, but they couldn’t because both ACP and UMA were their allies, so they had to remain neutral.  The Nachos had to try to get recruits by not getting involved into the war.  Unfortunately though, Mammoth eventually became impossible to recruit without getting attacked by a large rogue army randomly.

Tom Wolf, then, had to make another big decision for the Nachos.  He decided to take the Nachos back to Blizzard where it is was safer.  Tom Wolf tried gathering everyone up in the Nachos, then headed back to Blizzard.  The Nachos knew that the Romans still had control of Blizzard, so they had to launch an attack on Blizzard.  It almost turned out to be a good thing that Romans still had control over Blizzard, so we could get into a war which attracted many new recruits as well as old Nachos that were left on Blizzard.

Eventually, the Romans started to die out which made it easier on the Nachos to enter Blizzard.  After a while, the Nachos had gained almost full control over Blizzard again; however, never actually claiming the server as ours again though.  Once that mission was complete, we started to go back into Mammoth to make a base there once again.

Word War III

Oagalthorp, the Army Of Club Penguin creator and leader at this time, was looking for information about an army called the Underground Mafias Army who just recently attacked the ACP on Mammoth.  Oagalthorp found the UMA website and found out they had been attacking Mammoth often and they had been hacking Club Penguin for coins and rare clothing.  Oagalthorp left a comment on their website saying if they didn’t stop attacking Mammoth and hacking Club Penguin, the ACP would declare war.  The UMA responded by saying, “Bring it on.” The UMA had accepted war.

The UMA were quickly able to ally with the Nachos and the CPUNSC to undermine support from the ACP. Battles occured almost every day against these two armies and their allies.  The UMA easily outnumbered the ACP in just about every battle, but the ACP was able to put up a fight by out maneuvering them with tactics.  The UMA’s greatest victory verse the ACP came at the Battle of Mammoth.  They out numbered ACP 1 to 6 in this battle, leaving the ACP with only one option to surrender the battle, which later they had to surrender Mammoth to the UMA because there was UMA soldiers on the server almost 24/7.  The Battle of Mammoth was recalled in The ACP Saga :

“By the time the battle started, it took me nearly ten minutes to even get in the Dojo. It was lagging like crazy, and the room was absolutely full. By the time I got in, I saw nothing but black and red. The UMA had come early, and out-numbered us six to one. It took several minutes of chaos for me to rally a group of about 12 ACP soldiers to stage a counter-offensive, but it was not working. Most of the ACP soldier couldn’t even get in the room, and those that managed to get in could not see any of my commands due to the constant chant of “UMA UMA UMA.” Within twenty minutes of the most brutal massacre the ACP had ever been on the wrong side of, I decided that it was not worth it. No one was leaving the room, and my soldiers couldn’t get in. Even if they could, this battle was far from reversible. I had to surrender.

I invited Pink Mafias to my igloo, where I formally surrendered; the first major defeat the ACP had ever had. Only a week beforehand, I had asked for an alliance. He had said no, but I figured I should ask again. Again, he said no. But he did agree to a small cease-fire agreement, which lessened the sting of defeat for most of the ACP soldiers.” ~Oagalthorp

The ACP took advantage of this time of no war to work on things to help defeat their enemies.  They first made their uniform more updated with the catalog by adding the roman helmet to their uniform; this let more recruits join them and it also made them fairly larger.  Then the ACP also set up a base in Breeze to get away from all the chaos in Mammoth going on at the time.   When the cease fire agreement was up, the two enemies went at it again, but this time, the ACP was having more success verse the powerful UMA.  Pink Mafias became angry at the ACP’s surprising success and looked forward to another ambush…

While the ACP was gaining power and figuring out the UMA.  They were also e-mailing Club Penguin about how the UMA were hacking coins and rare clothing from them.  Finally, the ACP got what they wanted and Club Penguin banned Pink Mafias forever from Club Penguin.  He was forced to use his secondary account, Uma Pm.  This weakened UMA morale, and nearly destroyed their leadership and chain of command.  Nothing really could weaken the UMA more until a rebellion occured.  This rebellion was led by Commando717.  He called his rebellion the Rebel Penguin Federation or RPF for short.  This rebellion was slowly gaining interest and power, then weakening the UMA from the inside.

[Note:  The RPF was created at the beginning of WWIII, but as the war went on they became more of threat to the UMA, especially at the end.  That’s why the RPF rebellion wasn’t mentioned earlier.]

After a while, there were rumors about the UMA getting ready to ambush the ACP at a meeting in Breeze.  The ACP weren’t going to take any risks, so they allied with the CPAF (Club Penguin Air Force) and the RPF, two rising armies.  Then the rumors were soon proven true, when the UMA ambushed the ACP at a meeting on May, 26, 2007.

“I sent a scout to the Boiler, and he returned with the message “There’s a lot of them.” We tried holding the door, so that any new UMA’s wouldn’t be noticed by onlookers, but soon enough they flooded the Cave. The UMA sure gave us a run for our money. At one point, they outnumbered the Allies three to two. But I sent a charge of ACP soldier, and we started chanting “ACP ACP” over and over, until the UMA soldiers were covered in chat bubbles. But they just kept coming.

Now that we had the upper-hand, we stormed the Boiler Room and sent any remaining UMA their retreating into the Cave. We held the Boiler for a short time with the CPAF, but the RPF was in need of help. We moved into the Cave, and the RPF were surrounded by dozens of UMA troops. We gave them as much support as possible, but the UMA still kept fighting. Then Commando and his army took the high ground, up at the life guard tower. The ACP seized this opportunity, now that the enemy was distracted, and took full control of the low grounds, where our battle-cries blotted out the UMA. Half of us stayed to fight, but half charged up and sent chaos into the mob of Pink’s troops.

Once the CPAF and RPF gained enough troops to match the UMA’s size, I ordered the ACP into the Boiler Room, to block any entrances. Now the UMA was split between the two rooms, and we managed to defeat them. The ACP had finally managed to stand up to the UMA, and pull through a victory. We had won the Battle of Breeze, and the tides of the war had changed their course . . .” ~Oagalthorp 

Part by part the UMA started to weaken.  Their leader, Pink Mafias, got banned forever from Club Penguin, a rebellion occured, a huge loss to the ACP in the Battle of Breeze, then to pile it on top of everything,  Pink Mafias decided to quit Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin.

On June 23rd, 2007, the ACP along with RPF and CPAF ambushed the UMA at a meeting on Wool Socks; however, the UMA didn’t go down without a fight though.

“The Army and our allies, the CPAF and RPF, would finish off the UMA, once and for all. We marched into the Forest, and were greeting by a UMA force a fraction of it’s previous size under Pink Mafia’s reign. From their, a Cowboy Clan helped us, while the CPUNSC helped the UMA. The Allies outnumbered their enemies four to one. TheACP used several fierce charges that threw the UMA into panic, while the CPAF attacked from below and the RPF from above. Surrounded, the UMA failed to give up. They regrouped at the Plaza, and by the time the ACP arrived they had retreated back into the Forest. […]” ~Oagalthorp

The ACP had won and defeated the UMA.  After the Battle of Wool Socks, Mpenguin, the new UMA leader, officially surrendered the war and agreed to an alliance with the ACP.

A Rising Nacho Empire

Tom Wolf Retires

On August 11, 2007, Tom Wolf decided it was time to retire from his leader position in the Nachos.  Tom Wolf had led the Nachos for about a year.  In that year, Tom Wolf had made about the toughest decisions this army has ever made.  If he didn’t make those decisions, this army might not be here right now.  Tom Wolf is definitely one of the greatest Nachos ever.

The Nachos continued on; marching onto to the 4th Generation of the Nachos under a new leader.  The new leader Tom Wolf had chosen to lead the Nachos was his 2nd in Command Zippy500.  Zippy would soon change the website to, and help the Nachos reach new heights.

The Legendary Rivalry: ACP vs. Nachos

The ACP and Nacho rivialry was taken to the next level when Zippy became leader.  In one of the first war encounters between the two, tensions heated up and led to a war.  The ACP had declared war against the Nachos simply because Zippy didn’t want to accept an alliance with the ACP.

Acp nacho war pic4.png

The first scheduled battle in this war between these two armies was a big one.  The ACP had about 15-20 troops, while the Nachos had around 15 soldiers.  The battle was even size wise until the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) showed up with about 10 soldiers.  Still, the Nachos out battled both ACP and RPF, but the ACP and the RPF claimed victory due to their bigger size.  The Nachos disagreed (100%) with the ACP and thought they won.  Because of this, arguments flared over who won and lost.

All Oagalthorp wanted from the Nachos was an alliance.  Zippy did too, but he wanted ACP to agree to his terms to be an ally.  Oagal didn’t like what Zippy was asking and declined.  Fighting and arguing continued for the time being until Zippy talked to Oagal and told him all he wanted now was respect from ACP soldiers.  He agreed to that and Zippy agreed to have the Nachos become an ally of the ACP.

Acp nacho war pic1.png

Zippy still wasn’t happy with RPF though and still wanted war with them because of their continuous attacks on us.  Commando717, leader of the RPF, talked to Zippy and said, “[Okay], this is the deal, RPF is only in this to help its ally, the ACP. If [the] Nachos become allies with ACP.  The RPF will become neutral with Nachos. That is my terms in this.”  Zippy agreed to Commando’s terms and the Nachos became neutral with the RPF.

[This war between the ACP and Nachos is basically what started the heated rivalry and hatred between us.]

Club Penguin Nations

A simple idea of an army having territory to create  nations changed Club Penguin Armies forever. Armies began to evolve in this new Nation’s Era. Leading up to the idea, many armies had already started the conquest for territory. Both the ACP and the RPF began setting up a capital server, the ACP in Breeze and the RPF in Tuxedo. We also joined in this conquest, and we conquered Blizzard making it our capital.

After we had conquered Blizzard, Oagalthorp and Commando717 had devised an idea of the Club Penguin Nations. Here’s what Oagalthorp stated in a post:

CP Nations: The RPF is moving to Tuxedo, so Commando717 and I were talking. We were thinking about starting an ACP and RPF Country, but we came up with a better idea. Club Penguin Nations. Many of our allies are moving to different servers, so I thought we should expand our server horizon. So here’s the deal: There are six Regions in Club Penguin, USA North (First USA Page), USA Central (Second USA Page), USA South (Third USA Page), Canada, UK (England), and Australia. Each region has at least 14 servers. Conveniently, there are six main armies, ACP, RPF, Nachos, UMA, GPR, and Golds. Each army will move to the Capital of each region (USA North: Mammoth, Canada: North Pole, etc.), and defend that server, and will be in charge of defending the entire Region. Once every army is in a Capital, we will all train new armies, and send them to individual servers in a particular Region, and they will defend that server. If this works, almost every server, and most bad armies will be allied or die out in a matter of months. This means that in approximately 5 months, every server will have an army to defend it, and every Region will have a main army to organize the defense. If all goes well, these armies will protect these Regions: ACP: USA North
RPF: USA Central
Nachos: USA South
UMA: Canada
Golds: Australia

Many armies, including Nachos, were upset with this idea since the best servers were in the USA North and Central regions. We were very frustrated as well especially since we had just made Blizzard our capital which was located in the USA North region. Despite the controversy, most armies including us eventually accepted the idea. However, the main server that was still in use by armies was Mammoth, but this idea began to slowly pull armies away from the golden server.

War on GPR

After the Nations were created, all of the armies had an alliance, but GPR (Gugu Pengu’s Romans) broke this alliance by being abusive towards its soldiers and hammering the USA with insults. Almost all of the Club Penguin armies approach to this was to declare war right away (ACP, RPF, UMA, Golds). However, the Nachos approach on the other hand was different. Here is what Zippy had to say:

The GPR have insulted America, so all CP armies are declaring war on them. Nachos will do the right thing and not fight because the GPR have the right to say what they want. Why declare war on someone just because of their opinion? All the armies that have declared war on GPR should be ashamed of themselves. We should let them have the freedom of speech. We won’t declare war on GPR, but if they fire at you defend yourself. Don’t attack unless fired upon.

Oagalthorp wasn’t very happy with Zippy’s decision on this war.  Oagal even tried to command the Nachos to go fight in the war through the ACP website.  However, the Nachos stayed loyal to their leader’s order. This is one of the founding moments for the free speech culture which thrives in the Nachos today.

The GPR war didn’t last long anyway.  There were a couple of battles on Mammoth which the GPR lost each one.  They quickly asked for an alliance, but their enemies wouldn’t accept since the GPR wouldn’t apologize for what they had said.  After this, there was one final battle which basically killed the GPR army and they have since never recovered.

War on Golds

Later, the Golds had started invading our land and attacking our small army allies.  For that reason, the Nachos declared war immediately on the Golds. The Golds were a fairly large army during this period, but they were also disliked by many because of their attitude towards other armies. However, the first battle between the Nachos and the Golds was a one-sided victory for us where we easily won!


The next time we battled the Golds we had allies with us including the ACP and Ice Warriors.  We had the upper hand and at the end of the battle the Golds leader surrendered the entire war and admitted defeat.  The Golds agreed to our terms of not attacking our allies and smaller armies, plus changing their ways.

Creating an Empire

During the Golds war, we were also starting to create our empire.  We were trying to adjust to the Club Penguin Nations as well as control the Nacho Empire.  Our empire took place in USA South. Back then, Club Penguin used to organize their servers by country.  There was a USA page which had USA North, USA Central, and USA South.  Also, there were a Canada, a United Kingdom, and an Australia region.  Today, that is different obviously.

Because of moving to USA South, our capital had to be moved from Blizzard to Altitude.  We still had Blizzard in our empire though, but it was in USA North.  We had 23 servers (including Blizzard)  in our empire at that time.  To manage all those servers, Zippy had his best soldiers control a few servers.


To recruit more people to the Nachos, we decided to invade Canada.  Although the UMA currently owned Canada at the time, CompWiz, an old high ranked UMA soldier gave Canada to the Nachos.  (From there, the UMA took over the UK servers.)  Canada had a total of 14 servers.  Canada was thought to be owned many armies at the time and had been over run by rogue armies.  This was a large and tough task for us, but we had the confidence we could do it.

Shadow2446, the Nachos Second in Command led this invasion of Canada.  Shadow led 20 Nachos (a lot of troops at the time) throughout the day.  Invading server by server.  Fighting off army by army.  We finally finished the invasion at the end of the day and Canada was ours! In our USA South region, we already had 23 servers.  With the addition of the Canadian servers, the Nacho Empire now had 37 servers which was the largest empire ever in Club Penguin Armies.  Zippy did the same thing as with the USA South servers by ordering his best troops to control a few servers in Canada.


The Army and Nation Treaty Alliance also known as the ANTA. The ANTA was an alliance organized by Oagalthorp in early 2008 where the major armies in Club Penguin could unite and discuss issues of the day.  It also decided basic rules over nations, etc. After the completion of our invasions, the ACP and Oagalthorp argued that we shouldn’t be able to control so many servers and that we were incapable of controlling that many servers. However, after much debate, we were able to retain our land in Canada.

ACP-Nachos War

Armies started to become upset with how ACP leader Oagalthorp leading, especially the UMA. UMA leader Mpenguin123 soon started a rebellion against Oagalthorp. Anti-ACP and anti-Oagal strikes began to be held on Mammoth, and numerous UMA, RPF, and even ACP soldiers started an ANTA Treaty Bill to remove Oagalthorp from office and have him replaced with a different ACP member.  The rebellion soon became mostly UMA members, so tensions between the ACP and UMA increased. However, the rebellion soon died down once misunderstandings became clear. Mpenguin was misinformed that the ACP was going to attempt to destroy every army.  The information was false and the rebellion soon ended, but the tension between the two armies continued.

With the announcement of the UMA co-creators Pink Mafias and Lectriclew (CompWiz5000) returning to the UMA, rumors began to stir about a potential world war between the ACP and the UMA. Small rogue wars began to occur on Mammoth between the two armies.  Arguments and insults started to be thrown back and forth. It was just a matter of time until a war broke out.

Soon enough, the UMA launched a surprise attack on the ACP on Mammoth.  An ACP soldier recapped the story:

“[…] We were on UMA chat when Pink Mafias and Lectriclew saw group of ACP in the Dojo. That’s when it happened. They attacked the group and it began the whole war. We were in the Dojo, and it was huge! There were at least 30 UMA including Pink Mafias himself. There were about 17 ACP, Golds, and Nachos. We were out numbered. Then RPF forces moved in saving the day. After 45 minitues of fighting in the Dojo, the UMA retreated to the Snow Forts. By then, some ACP thought it was over when UMA left, so they left. The ACP, RPF, and Ice Warriors were the only groups left. By then, there were about 15 ACP and allies and 25 UMA. We were out numbered, and we slowly lost. […]“

January 2008

The ACP had had enough of the UMA’s insults and attacks, so they declared war on the UMA.  The Nachos quickly sided with the UMA in the war, so they could keep their land in Canada and share the ACP land with the UMA. The RPF, however, decided to remain neutral due to the large amount of soldiers from the ACP and the UMA in the army.

Multiple battles broke out every day on Mammoth with the UMA winning the majority of the battles due to the lack of support for the ACP.  With the recent release of the sombrero in the Winer Fiesta, the Nachos received a boost in size which benefited the UMA side greatly against the ACP.  Not only did the fighting occur on Club Penguin, but it also occurred through the websites as a flame war.

However, after about a week of fighting, the UMA vs. ACP war was over.  The UMA asked for an alliance and suggested a major alliance between the UMA, RPF, and the ACP.  The ACP agreed to end the war, but they had a few terms they demanded from the UMA and the Nachos.  The ACP assumed the Nachos would follow the UMA and drop out.

Post-War Terms:

  • Term: The Nachos must limit their nation size to one region.
    Reason: You can view it one of two ways: Either the Nacho army is too small to defend a nation of 49 servers, or the Nacho army is too unorganized to defend a nation of 49 servers. That is larger than the DRACP and USRPF combined. NOTE: Not entering a server is by no means “protecting” it.
  • Term: The UMA and nachos may enter Mammoth, but any complaints about the ACP attacking them will not be tolerated.
    Reason: If you keep two or more big armies in the same server there will be fighting, no matter how close the alliance is. This could strain the alliance.

After a few negotiations between Oagalthorp and Zippy500, Zippy accepted the ACP’s terms and agreed to end the war for now.  Once AkaBob22, Nacho co-leader, saw that Zippy had agreed to end the war, he was very upset. He was adamant that the Nachos should continue the war against the ACP. He didn’t like how Oagalthorp was acting like he could dictate armies. Aka now had to devise another plan against the ACP for their next war.

February 2008

Aka began writing posts ranting against the ACP and Oagalthorp. Soon, Oagalthorp responded sparking a cold war between the Nachos and the ACP. Tensions slowly increased between posts, but the ACP had had enough once the Nachos attacked the ACP claiming they were defending their ally the UMA. In a later battle, AkaBob22 and the Nachos officially declared war on the Army of Club Penguin once Aka fired on the ACP in the nude, thus declaring war naked.



Battles between the ACP and the Nachos took place almost everyday usually on the server Mammoth. A few of the battles were scheduled, but the majority of the battles were still fought unscheduled. Small groups would be fighting each other throughout the day. Occasionally, large battles would break out sparking much controversy over who actually won.

Fight nacho.jpg

While a full-scale war was raging on the battlefield, the flame war between AkaBob22 and Oagalthorp still continued on both army’s website. Insults were being thrown back and forth as well as arguing the true victor of the last battle. Even the soldiers began fighting in comments on the websites and on chat. Day by day and battle by battle tensions increased as well as the hatred between the two enemies.

March 2008

The war carried over into the month of March as the war showed no signs of ending anytime soon. On the 1st of March a huge battle broke out between the Nachos and the ACP which ended in another debatable result. For the war itself, the Nachos claimed to be winning stating they had won the majority of the battles with only a couple losses.

One of the most interesting battles of the war was the Battle of Brumby where the ACP scheduled a battle on the server to face the Nachos. The Nachos arrived on Brumby with half of their full force to meet the entire ACP army. The other half of the Nachos were invading Mammoth while the ACP battled the other half of the Nachos. The ACP claimed to have won the battle of Brumby, but the Nachos claimed to have taken Mammoth which they viewed as more significant server to have won.

The war continued for another a week or two until soldiers began to become tired of the fighting. Rumors of peace and the end of the war soon came true once the Nachos and the ACP agreed to end the war. Although no official victor was declared, the Nachos still claimed victory after dominating much of the war. Even after the war, tensions between the ACP and the Nachos were still heated and always on the threat of breaking into a another war.

SSACP-Nacho War

SSACP is the Secret Spy Agency of Club Penguin.  They claimed to be a seperate army from the ACP, but most of their ranks are ACP soldier.  (They are really ACP’s spy agency).  They had caused many problems in the past by spying on allies, but this time it was different.  A former ACP soldier, Mazachster, had come back to lead the SSACP.  He wanted to remove the Nacho leaders (Shadow and Aka) at the time because he thought they were “corrupt.”

This was a great war for the Nachos.  We were a growing army, expanding everyday.   Not only was that a problem for the SSACP, they were also having leadership issues.  Some high ranked members were helping the Nachos, which helped the Nachos break into the SSACP Missions page.  Throughout the war, the Nachos won the majority of the battles, if not all of them (maybe a tie here and there).  Eventually SSACP couldn’t take it anymore, so they surrendered. The Nachos had won the war.

Note:  I was a soldier in this war, but I have forgotten a lot.  I was relying a lot on pics, but a lot were unavailable due to photobucket accounts being inactive.  Sorry for the lack of details.  This was another famous and memorable war for the Nachos.

The Golden Age

New Leaders

July 27, 2008, Zippy500 decided to retire, while following the tradition of retiring after one year of leadership.  Zippy had decided to choose the next leaders of the Nachos.  He had chosen 3 leaders to the lead the Nachos, the first time in the Nachos which there were multiple people who shared the “Leader” rank.  AkaBob22, Shadow2446, and Linkin55 were to take over the Nacho leadership.  However, Shadow wouldn’t lead for very long.  He decided to make the Nachos a fantastic new website:, then just help the Nachos out as an advisor.  (Although Shadow wasn’t an official leader for very long, I can’t stress how much he did for the Nachos… Read HOF).  After Shadow had announced what he was doing, Nyg13 became a leader along with Aka and Linkin.

After a few weeks, Nyg decided to retire, also.  The next soldier in line for Nacho leader was Person1233.  After a lot of changes in the leader ranks, it would settle down once Person became leader.  Not only would that settle down, but something great was about to happen with Nachos under the combined leadership of Person, Aka, and Linkin… a Golden Age.

World War IV

After Order 67 (A pact to organize all the small armies in CP warfare), Club Penguin Armies had all agreed that Mammoth would stay neutral; nobody had the right to own it.  However, on November 6th, Oagalthorp, the creator of the ACP, made a post on the ACP website encouraging the ACP to invade Mammoth to claim it as theirs again (Mammoth used to be ACP’s capital).  The Nachos, the UMA, the RPF, the WW, the IW, and almost every other Club Penguin army were furious, so they all declared war on the Army of Club Penguin.

The Nachos, the WW, the RPF, the IW, and the UMA called their alliance, “The Great Alliance.” The ACP had tried to make alliances with armies, but everyone had turned against them. Without any help, the ACP continued on with their invasion on Mammoth.


ACP’s Invasion of Mammoth

The ACP invaded Mammoth, where they met the Great Alliance.  WWIV had officially begun.  The Great Alliance’s large mass of soldiers crushed the ACP’s troops that came for the invasion.  The ACP were overmatched by the size and strength of The Great Alliance.

After the Mammoth Invasion, skirmishes occured every so often for a few days between The Great Alliance and the ACP, but the ACP never seemed to pull out a win against the massive numbers of the Alliance. While the ACP were being beat up in battle and having their servers invaded, they were having leadership problems within the army from the defeat.


The Great Alliance’s Invasion of Snow Fort

The ACP had arrived in massive numbers to defend Snow Fort.  The Great Alliance and the ACP were almost evenly matched in size.  However, the ACP were slowly losing troops throughout the battle.  Soon enough it was found out that the ACP leader, Shaboomboom, was commanding the ACP troops to leave Snow Fort as apart of his rebellion against the ACP.  Although the ACP could have won the battle in the beginning, the rebellion knocked them out of defending Snow Fort.  The Great Alliance had won another battle.


The ACP soon surrendered to the Great Alliance due to the rebellion within the ACP.

(After the war ended, Shaboomboom continued his rebellion against ACP.  The Civil War would end shortly, and Boomer 20 would become the new ACP leader.)

Winter Fiesta


The Winter Fiesta is a special time for the Nachos.  It is the Month of the Nachos.  (It is the only time when our uniform is in the Club Penguin catalog.)  The Fiesta began back in 2007, then continued on through ’08, and ’09.  The Nachos had always taken advantage of the fiesta in the previous years, but in 2009 it was different.


January 2nd, 2009, Leader, Person1233, Co-Leader, Puckley, and a few other obsessed Nachos were on Nacho chat and on Club Penguin waiting the arrival of the Winter Fiesta and our famous uniform to come.  Around midnight the new catalog was released.  We all quickly bought the sombrero and poncho and headed out to Mammoth, Town for a fiesta!  Person quickly realized we should try to recruit people who around to the Nachos.  Soon enough, us 7 to 10 Nachos turned into 20, then 40, then 80, 100, 150 Nachos… it was unbelievable.  (The estimate total was 150+ Nachos, which is a record.)  Just imagine 100 penguins wearing a sombrero/poncho dancing around chanting “Nachos!”  And they say nothing good happens after dark…

Throughout the Winter Fiesta, all the Nachos did was recruit, and every recruiting session ended up the same way… with more new soldiers.  By the time the Fiesta was over the Nachos had tripled its previous size per battle, which was about 20+.  Now it was 60-70 soldiers per battle!


There hadn’t been a war in the Nachos for a while, so the Nachos decided to create some fun by declaring war against FGR (Fort Ghost Recon).  The FGR war was somewhat of a joke at first considering we declared war on them because they had stolen my lemon (=P), and Person had tripped over his cat.  Soon enough though, more focus was taken towards the war.

At the time, FGR had about 20 unused servers that had in their “control”.  The Nachos had come up with a plan called Operation Icicle, where we would invade each of their servers basically.  However, most of the battles shifted towards White House, our capitol at the time, and FGR’s capitol, Brumby.

A lot of the battles were unscheduled since FGR didn’t want to take the Nachos on at full strength.  Still, the Nachos were able to pull out most of the battles with W’s if not all of them.  After about a good month of good fighting, FGR decided to have one final scheduled battle at Brumby.  With the battle being scheduled, about 35+ Nachos showed up to defeat the FGR troops and win the war with complete success


Written by: Shadow2446

In the beginning times, order was near nonexistent. Agents, The Red Army, the Blue Army, Vikings, Romans, and the Army of Club Penguin all rolled between Mammoth, the forum server, and Blizzard, the most popular server. Snowballs, relentless charges, and the sound of the drums ruled the Blizzard and Mammoth Dojos. Small clans of Nachos under different leaderships began popping up among servers, but one leader rose among the rest to establish structure and dominance. Around August 2006, Jamesbond1 declared himself the Nacho King of Blizzard. With a small group of 12 core Nachos, he began to establish the Nacho culture and name among regular CP warriors. Two months later, the heir Tom Wolf would establish his reign over the Nachos. Little did anybody realize this small move by a Nacho Captain would establish the beat of the maracas until the end of Club Penguin Army history.

Many Nacho clans were established and flourished at this time, including my own, as a result of the sombrero becoming massively available (until October 2006) through the penguin style catalog. Nachos would easily mass in size of up to 30 troops to match other popular armies like the Agents and Romans. Even though many Nacho clans roamed throughout CP during this period, Tom Wolf’s claim to leadership was considered by many to have been the most legitimate. At this time, World War II was in full swing. The Army of Club Penguin, who largely dominated armies through the CP forums, was in a deadlock with the Romans. As a result, the Nachos slowly transitioned from Blizzard to aid Oagalthorp in Mammoth in his fight against the Romans. Zippy500, Tom Wolf’s co-leader, was the main instigator of this move, as he had established good relations with the Club Penguin Marines (CPM) and ACP through the Club Penguin forums.

(Above) Nachos and Club Penguin Marines (under the command of CPM Commander Neltron1234, also pictured) fight a pre-UMA unit led by Pink Mafias at the Mammoth Snow Forts.

As popularity in CP armies grew, fights would drag on for three or four hours a time in the Mammoth Dojo or Snow Forts, with re-grouping and full counter-attacks. The Nachos quickly gained a quirky, fun reputation among the local Mammoth folk. At the same time, I had taken up the alias Hollowwood and declared myself a Nacho General. I had missed the connection with the main Nacho army, and as a result was left behind in Blizzard. I primarily fought Romans and Vikings on Blizzard up until late January 2007, when I would take over the name Shadow2446 and then make the move to Mammoth.


Written by: Shadow2446

2007 marked a pivotal year for the direction of the Nacho Army. In Blizzard, I was directly taking the fight directly against Explorer7777’s Romans. As a result, two main factions of Nachos grew to power – mine and Tom Wolf’s. At this period, I recruited Nacho legends such as Rca123456, Coolygrl, Specialthing, Boyd50/Boyd100/Cruiseb as my co-generals (pictured below). Meanwhile, other Nacho legends of old (Tom Wolf, Zippy500, Lord Joshua, Jm2000) worked together to establish ranking and order on Mammoth. On February 1st, Tom Wolf created a blog spot for the Nacho army. 17 days later, Oagalthorp would follow suit and create ACP’s wordpress. This officially made the Nachos one of the very first armies to organize outside of Club Penguin’s forums. Tom would continue to organize the Nachos very loosely through the blogspot, but most commands, operations, and rankings were relayed through Club Penguin’s interface.

Even though the two main groups were out of contact, I had not laid claim to the Nacho leadership, as I knew through rumors that Tom Wolf was still on the move. We were out of touch for around two months though. Smeeble, a loyal Nacho troop, was the last connection between the groups on Blizzard and Mammoth. It was my belief that Tom’s group had disbanded and focused their attention on other games than Club Penguin, as Smeeble often came back with very few commands to relay. However, as armies focused on their moves to Mammoth to unite with the forum server, the Nachos under my command grew to prominence on Blizzard. We were relentless, and little did we let another army control the Dojo or Forts for long- primarily the Romans whom had retreated from Mammoth. It was at this time where I began devising tactics that included using mad faces to cover up enemy penguins to cause confusion and distract enemies from their leaders’ commands. The Nacho line tactic also developed at this time, as our sombreros in groups provided advantage in deflecting charges. This gave the Nachos overall a huge tactical advantage against any army we faced.  The Romans had faced the Nachos in full force on Blizzard while also facing the rising power ACP on Mammoth. Their influence greatly diminished, and their army was soon destroyed in full afterwards.

In early March, Tom Wolf led an initial search party back to Blizzard to find old Nachos (pictured above). Here, he found my division under tight leadership and granted me the rank of General as a result of my efforts. Tom Wolf followed this title with an order for me to move my operations to Mammoth, while he would continue to search for Nachos on Blizzard. Now the fun began.

Shadow2446, Smeeble, and Coolygrl, pictured above. Admiral1234 (UMA General) also pictured.

Two slow months later, World War III would break out in full bloom. UMA roamed and controlled Mammoth while ACP’s presence was beginning to diminish with a move to Breeze. Nachos initially took up the charge against the rise of UMA, with a rebel group, RPF, following in suit (pictured above). It did not take long for UMA to officially recognize ACP as their main opponent. UMA would follow with a scheduled ambush of an ACP meeting, and then full out war. The Nachos initially sided with ACP during this war, solely because of Zippy500’s friendship with Oagalthorp. As time moved forward, Nachos went from a neutral state, towards siding with UMA. UMA possessed a lot of the same “bad boy” yet quirky qualities that made the Nachos such a unique CP Army.

At this time, I personally made relationships with Uma Pm, Abercrombe, Angel, Mpenguin, and Admiral. These relationships vaulted the Nachos towards future conflict with ACP. Unfortunately, Tom Wolf would begin a period of inactiveness in preparation for his retirement. In July, Tom Wolf pulled the trigger on what would begin the longest rivalry in Club Penguin Warfare. He declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. In June and July of 2007, UMA and Nachos had a prosperous alliance and established dominance on the server of Mammoth. Soon afterwards though, UMA would succumb to ACP and bring an end to UMA’s involvement in WW3. The Nachos continued the fight and extended the war- which was almost categorized as WW4.

In August, I marched my battalion of Nachos against a scheduled ACP invasion of Mammoth (see above – picture recovered over a year later).

Oagalthorp, ACP’s leader, considered it a success. I considered their retreat a win. From a position of power, I extended a cease-fire offer to Oagalthorp, which was promptly accepted. A day later, Tom Wolf retired. The Nachos were placed in an unfortunate situation, as Zippy500 was pegged as Tom’s replacement. Zippy500’s group and mine were not on the same page at this time, and communication was extremely difficult. Around this time as well, Nacho generals of old began retiring/disappearing. Ardorin and Jm2000 were banned. Happy Ree and Wetsaw’s involvement dropped drastically, and the Nachos’ future rested on the shoulders of very few.

I continued countering ACP’s advances on Mammoth, while trying to establish a cease-fire in efforts to get back in touch with Nacho leadership on my next moves.

Battles continued for the next two weeks in full force, with ACP and Nachos squaring off in the dojo constantly. Small teams of UMA began assisting us, while RPF began assisting ACP. On August 22nd, ACP officially declared war on the Nacho Army. Two days later, I marched my troops against a scheduled ACP invasion led by Orcacam07 (ACP General), and emerged victorious. As a result, I was promoted to Lt. General (3rd in Command of the Nacho Army). The next day, another scheduled invasion occurred. This time, Zippy500 led the counter-attack, but placed me in charge midway through the battle. The battle resulted in different results depending on who you asked, but regardless, established the Nachos as ACP’s biggest opponent for years to come. At the end of the battle, Zippy extended a peace treaty to ACP. By the next day, the ACP and Nachos had formed an alliance. Our conflict would continue briefly with RPF, but would resolve with pressure from ACP leadership.

During September, the Nachos would pick up several small battles/wars. We fought constantly with the Silver Surfers, small groups of GPR, and the Golds. As a result of CP armies like ACP, RPF, and Nachos allying, we decided to split up among all of the CP servers, and the Nachos picked up USA South. As a part of the deal, the Nachos also reclaimed control of Blizzard and a part of Mammoth. Many Nachos of old came to prominence at this time, including Terrking24, Shivertoe2, Maxwell 605, Jojofishy, Linkin55, Kg007, and others.

In October, Zippy500 and myself decided it was time for the Nachos to expand beyond USA South. Through email communications, Zippy ordered my division to move to Canada to secure it as part of our empire. My co-general Cycle22 and Nacho Capitain Satch made the move against North Pole and other Canadian servers for a week. We faced minimal resistance- mainly against a group called the Red Raiders (led by Wwe Ryan, pictured below)

A Nacho division led by Shadow2446 leads an invasion of Canada

When November rolled around, I had to take a leave of absence from my second-in-command position. Luckily, before this occurred, I had increased the involvement of a young Nacho sergeant who would change the army forever.

In December, Akabob22 would be selected as the replacement during my leave of absence. I would come back as the Nacho Ambassador (2IC/3IC). The Nachos would continue to lock down its control of Canada and Blizzard. As a result, the army locked into harsh disagreements with ACP and RPF, and would establish a rivalry for a century.


Written by:AkaBob22

The Nachos, under the leadership of Tom Wolf, Zippy500, and Shadow2446 (along with many noteworthy soldiers) had gained a foothold in the CP army world. From our starts on Miniclip and wordpress sites we exploded into the scene, turning from a joke into a noteworthy adversary to the largest army, the ACP. With our UMA allies alongside us, we had decided that the passive-aggressive talk from ACP atop their seemingly insurmountable mountain of recruits would end, we were going to keep our land we had rightfully taken in the Canadian servers, and went forward with one of the greatest wars of the time period, World War IV. [insert picture here] [or multiple pictures]

Many battles were fought and the flame wars intensified on both fronts. I was rarely on XAT but most of the talking was done on WordPress with both armies making multiple posts per day for either putting down the enemy or bringing your soldiers up. It was at this time RPF split off from the UMA, which made the confusion in our ally’s ranks very clear. Even though most of the battles were even, ACP focused most of their attacks on UMA to take advantage of the situation, and forced UMA to sign a treaty acknowledging themselves as the losers in the war. We did not see it this way, in fact I had wanted to keep the war going as it brought a lot of attention to the Nachos and we were gaining recruits every hour the war was going on. Unfortunately, my colleague Zippy (seeing that UMA’s cowardice meant we wouldn’t be guaranteed Canada after we won) decided we were to make peace with ACP only about a week into the war which felt months in the making. The lack of action and the lack of trust I now had in my leader growing, I decided to stay away from armies for a few days until I could figure out what to do next.

Some days had passed, and despite the fact we had become allied with the ACP again, Oagal took this time of peace to continue shit-talking on his site, saying that Nachos (who were even bigger than UMA at this stage) were non-existent. Zippy had vanished due to being at school, and we were an army at peace, yet yearning for war. Some Nachos wanted to revolt and replace Zippy, but even though I knew that there were more people better qualified for his position, I respected his rank and did what I could to quiet the riots.

Eventually the riots were put down and the riot’s organizer (famous general Terrking whom would go on to be a problem for my future leaderships) was fired, we went back into a period of uncomfortable inactivity. ACP and its soldiers continued to defame us. Not liking the fact that a month had gone by without any major fighting, I took up the mantle of leader in Zippy’s absence and declared war on SSACP to defend the UMA, whom they were at war with. Knowing the SSACP was another branch of the ACP (but they didnt openly admit this)lead by Mazachster, I thereby invoked that the neutrality agreement between the ACP and Nachos had been violated once I was attacked by ACP members by defending UMA, the war was begun anew. [pictures if you can find them]

more to come, at some point, eventually


Written by: Person1233


Written by: Ads354


Written by TanMan626


2011 was a crazy year for not only the Nachos, but for warfare itself. I was thrown into power alone just short of a month prior to the start of 2011 and the Nachos were in a deteriorating state. Ads, who had been a great leader for the vast majority of 2010 had disappeared and eventually retired, Videogamer and King Kinz both had retired just a couple months prior, & Aka had also gone on a hiatus for some personal time which left me to lead the army with no experience as an army leader and essentially alone due to most of the owners at the time being in the same condition as myself.  I’ll never forget when Ads approached me and explained that he no longer had time to be leading the Nachos. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. The 2010 Nachos were a rollercoaster and Ads was one of the monumental figures who had brought them out of the abyss they had been stuck in since the departure of Person1233 in 2009. I was also tasked with being a sole leader of the army which hadn’t been done since Zippy in 2006.


The year got off to a quick jump as matters seemed to jump from bad to worse(or so we thought). A rebellion quickly sparked when I was instated leader and I appointed 50 Cent 254 as my 2nd in command. A few of my current commanders at the time gained access to the site for what we thought were for graphic changes to the website, but instead 50 Cent was removed from power and I was set as an author with no power to control who was on the site and what they did. Luckily, a group of loyalist Nachos were set up and the rebellion was quickly shot down and things were restored to their former ways and all involved were restored to their former ranks. 


 Leader: TanMan626

 Co-Leader: 50 Cent 254

 Ambassadors: Zayer, Joker, Puckley

Oh, and did I mention I had also inherited a war with ACP during all of this? Yeah that was pretty big. The Ice Warriors were our greatest ally at that current time and for some reason(I still do not know to this day), ACP declared war on them and we had graciously accepted their plea for help. I saw this as an opportunity to get some leading experience for myself along with my staff while also keeping the army active.

The war was short-lived however, with only a couple days of all day unscheduled skirmishes happening. This war was big for one reason however because together the Nachos and Ice Warriors dominated the ACP for the vast majority of the war. At the time, ACP was a powerhouse of an army and their numbers were massive. It seemed that nobody could handle the mighty ACP but the Ice Warriors and Nachos quickly silenced the doubters.

The Nachos battling the ACP on Breeze in an unscheduled skirmish(January 2011)

This war proved to be a huge momentum boost for myself and the army. I was riding a confidence wave that couldn’t be crashed after that war and I felt unstoppable. I also had strung up an idea in my head about how to solidify the number 1 spot for the Nachos once and for all(Keep this in mind, it’ll make sense later), and obviously that involved war with none other than the ACP but it would take patience, strategy, and a lot of string pulling to make this happen. Things were starting to look up for the army and troops morale was high coming off the short-lived war with ACP, so what did we do? We invaded a free server to add to our glorious empire and it paid off big time.

The Invasion of Mountain

Mountain was a valuable server to the Nachos at the time, used widely for recruiting (due to it’s constant 3 bar status) and also it’s training grounds. It was a hotly debated server after the war and we wanted full control.

The invasion proved to be a pivotal point for the army as we reached over 50 users online and took back a major piece of Nacho land with little to no resistance.

By this point, the army morale was at a record high and the troops(and myself) were thirsty for blood. I had conducted a plan that would take months of preparation and war. Essentially the plan was to work our way from bottom to top whilst also crippling/destroying all of the ACP’s allies at the time(Golden Troops, Team Gold, Doritos). Now obviously I realized that this was a massive feat for one army with a rookie leader to accomplish, so what did I do? I befriended our long time ally the Underground Mafias Army(UMA) who were a middle of the pack army at the time, and of course I needed a large army to help compete as well. Luckily, there was a new army rising very fast and becoming very powerful and their leader was also a former Nacho, so who did I approach with these plans you ask? The new kids on the block, the Night Warriors

The Nacho/Night Warrior v. ACP Cold War

By this point, January was about halfway over and all of these things had already occurred! The Nachos and Night Warriors had quickly become very close and Vendetta became a brother to me. Together, we had one goal in mind, and that was to destroy ACP together. The Nachos and Night Warriors soon began to run together as one essentially, and the ACP were beginning to notice, especially when the Nachos declared war on their close ally, Team Gold. Down deep the ACP were afraid and they knew that if they made the wrong move, things could escalate very quickly and a world war would break out. Things were falling right into place for me, just as I had hoped and planned. We had ACP in a corner and we were beginning phase one: destroying ACP’s allies.

The Alliance(Nachos, NW, UMA) v. The Orange Alliance

Soon after, the Nachos, Night Warriors, and Underground Mafias Army officially came together and formed “The Alliance”. Each army had it’s own task at hand that I had assigned. The Nachos would handle Team Gold, while the Night Warriors took down the Doritos and the UMA would filter between both aiding whoever needed it. The plan was bulletproof. TG/Doritos didn’t stand a chance even with the help of the short-lived Orange Alliance backing them. Things quickly became very hectic as a world war was emerging. For a more in depth look at the affairs at that time check out a post HERE

-A few pictures/videos of different battles of January-

After many battles between The Alliance and the Orange Alliance it all came down to the battle of our capital, Fjord. By this point in the war Team Gold was weakened to nearly nothing, the Golden Troops had gone inactive, and the Doritos were the only real army left to defeat. They had provoked the Nachos by scheduling an invasion of our capital so we gave them no mercy. We wiped the floor with them from the beach all the way to the cove!

This battle deemed the Nachos the winner and was a huge victory for the empire. We had successfully taken down over 5 armies combined on our own! We had become a force to be reckoned with which led to the Doritos going to drastic measures to try and phase us such as claiming that they somehow owned Fjord(seriously even today I find this hilarious)

50 Cent quickly dismantled this post with his roast of the DCP which can be found HERE and this also was where I created my first meme!

After this, the Orange Alliance had disbanded. Doritos were demoralized and crippled, Team Gold attempted surrender in which we did not accept and then tried escaping by removing their Servers page and declaring war on another army, and the Golden Troops had been pronounced dead. The army had a few days of recovery and relaxation where we conducted our first ever ‘Super Bowl Battle’ between the Steelers and Packers on Club Penguin which of course, was a huge success. We then looked on to February where we would finish off Team Gold and Doritos and look ahead to our final nemesis, the ACP.


The beginning of February was a rest time for the army. We were still at war with the deteriorating Team Gold and Doritos but there wasn’t much action from our opponents as they rarely even showed up to any battles. Using this time, I did some rank changes and decided to promote Puckley to my other 2nd in command. Later on this proves to be a major key for the Nachos future. Talks also began to swirl around of this time period being a new golden age for the Nachos and the community was at peace… briefly.

In a surprising turn of events, Mchappy the ACP leader approached the Nachos to form a short term alliance for 2 weeks to destroy Team Gold for hacking allegations. By this point, the ACP had to have been wary of The Alliance and it’s intentions. I mean hell, we had just destroyed all of ACP’s allies, but apparently they were completely unaware so we used this as a perfect cover to plan a surprise attack on the ACP nation.  World War V was about to break loose across the community.

World War V

The time had finally come. The Nachos and Alliance were primed, ACP’s allies were crippled, and they were completely unaware of our intention toward them. On February 8th 2011, the Nachos officially declared war on the Army of Club Penguin(Post can be found HERE)

We quickly scheduled out invasions that had been in preparation for weeks. The army was more than ready to take on the ACP and before fighting had even begun the ACP were on their heels. Within the first week over 50 battles occurred with the Alliance securing victory in most of these battles as well.

Battle of Breeze

After nearly a week of constant battling back and forth on ACP & Nacho soil we finally aimed for the heart of the ACP empire, Breeze. Breeze had been a major ACP stronghold and also their capital for its entire existence. The Alliance had been controlling the war and taking massive strides in the ACP empire and they brought in many veterans to aid them in their time of desperation. Names such as Boomer20, Shaboomboom, and even Oagalthorp, the great ACP creator came and led the army in hopes of saving the ACP. The battle was hyped for many days and finally on February 12th, 2011 the Nachos and Night Warriors took on the Doritos and Army of Club Penguin in what is debatably one of the largest battles ever recorded.

All in all, the battle last over 2 1/2 hours. Both the Nachos and Night Warriors had sizes of around 50 each while the ACP had around 40 and the Doritos floundered at around 20. Overall, there were roughly over 100 peoples fighting in all rooms of the server. Many had expected us to be slaughtered by the ACP but we did just the opposite, in fact it was us who slaughtered the ACP. We forced them to retreat over 10 times and completely wiped the floor with them. It was a major turning point for the army in the war.

After Breeze, the war really escalated. Every army involved scheduled mass invasions of each other. Within a week there were 8 major battles, and over 25 skirmishes throughout Club Penguin. Out of those 8 battles, The Alliance claimed victory to 6. The largest victory was the liberation of the almighty server, Mammoth. After years of tyranny under ACP rule the server was officially declared neutral like it was originally in the pioneering days of armies.  This was by far the most jam packed week of the war with armies coming at each other with everything they had. Below are various pictures from a couple of these battles.

Battle of Fjord(Nachos v. Doritos) – Nacho Victory

Second Battle of Snow Fort(Nachos v. ACP) – Nacho Victory

Battle of Grizzly(Alliance v. ACP) – Alliance Victory

At this point in the war, victory seemed evident. The ACP were crumbling and losing multiple servers everyday. They no longer had their capital(Breeze), and their recruiting source(Mammoth) had been liberated. The new, and much improved Dark Warriors had also joined the Alliance as well. Things were going just as I had hoped. Mchappy, the ACP leader, even came onto chat one night and pleaded to Vendetta and myself to let the ACP surrender the war. Personally, I had my fun and I was more than willing to accept. Vendetta however, wanted to destroy the ACP so we declined the offer and pushed forward. We were dethroning the ACP, and fast(or so we thought…)

Click HERE to view the current Win/Loss count at the given time.


Just when everything had seemed to be falling into place, things took a turn for the worse. Vendetta had gone MIA for over a week and had left me to lead both the Night Warriors and the Nachos, then upon his return the Dark Warriors betrayed our alliance and joined the ACP. This move was detrimental to the war because the Ice Warriors had also dropped out as well. Vendetta had became very busy and was unable to be as active as he needed. Our troops were tired, it had been over a month of constant battles everyday and ignorance coming from the ACP. The morale was at an all time low. 

The End

After hours of intense discussion and negotiation, the Nachos decided to drop out of the war. It had hit the point of every army for themselves after the DW betrayal and Vendetta was nowhere to be found. Personally, the Nachos brought home a lot from this war. We were able to keep Mammoth neutral and also a share of Grizzly from the ACP and did not lose any servers. Eventually the Night Warriors also surrendered to the ACP and the conflict with ACP was at a halt. But the fight was not finished just yet. 

War with Dark Warriors

The army was restless. We had pulled out of a war that we had sealed all because of one army. The Dark Warriors had betrayed us and we were fed up with them. The Nachos and Night Warriors turned our full attention to the destruction of the Dark Warrior nation.

During this time, Vendetta left on personal terms, and had asked me to briefly lead the Night Warriors and watch over them. The Dark Warriors had originally declared war on the Night Warriors so I brought in the Nachos to help destroy the DW.

Unfortunately, the time period is very hazy. The ACP had jumped in to aid the DW so the World War had basically resumed. I cannot remember exactly what all happened during this period but according to the Nacho site we had 1 recorded battle which was the Nachos, NW v. ACP,DW, & DCP. 

If my memory serves right, after this battle the war mostly disolved itself. Everybody was tired of fighting everyday and ending in constant stalemates. In the end, there was no declared winner. I had to leave for a week on vacation and upon my return, the army had big changes.


Start of a Dynasty

Upon my return to the army, I had been thinking quite a bit about changing up the ranks. We had been working with just 5 owners for the entirety of 2011 and throughout an entire war. The owners were flat out exhausted, including myself. The owners now had been through a war, they had experience, and they were ready to be promoted to the helm with myself. I decided to promote my best friend, who had also been my right-hand man during the war, to the position of leader alongside myself. As of March 14th, 2011, Puckley was officially promoted to Nacho leader.


The start of April saw us facing our old rival the ACP once again and also the Night Warriors in a tournament championship. The battle was a fierce one but was raided by bots(no surprise there).

Shortly after, Fjord was raided by a small army who called themselves the Club Penguin Crew. The Nachos successfully defended the server with no preparation and shortly went to war with the Crew along with almost every other Small/Medium army. This sparked an idea that eventually led to the “Fruit Alliance” which consisted of the Nachos, ACP, and IW. Together, we challenged every army out there to face us in one grand scale war. The idea seemed brilliant in theory, but was blown out of proportion and therefore disbanded shortly after.

The biggest event of April was the famous “Mammoth Patrol”. This even was special because it was the first event held on Post-ACP Mammoth. The patrol was met by defenders of multiple armies but we eventually came out victorious.

We then had another Practice Battle with the ACP which proved to be another bloodshed.

War With UMA

We were blindsided by the UMA on April 28th. Out of nowhere, desperation possibly, the UMA released a post of complete and utter lies about the Nachos and the ACP. To this day, nobody knows why they provoked the two largest armies in Club Penguin but we declared an all out war and sought out to destroy them.

The war was quite short, as the UMA were quickly defeated and overran. Below are a some pictures from the few battles that took place.

Shortly after some quick losses for the UMA, the Light Troops became involved in the war and the spotlight was shifted on them.


On May 5th, 2011 the Light Troops along with the Water Vikings officially surrendered the war to the Nachos giving us another solid victory to add to our 2011 campaign. Victory post can be read HERE

During May, the Nachos also took place in CPAC’s annual “Spring Shindig” and were awarded the ‘Best Offensive Army’ award for the battle!

Not long after the surrender of the Light Troops and Water Vikings, we were then targeted by a group of armies who called themselves the “Black Alliance”. Unfortunately, the war only featured one real battle which was our defense of Fjord in which we obliterated the Black Alliance.

On May 29th, 2011 the Nachos officially promoted our 3rd leader to the ranks. Joker was officially named Nacho leader which then solidified the ‘Big 3’ which consisted of TanMan626, Puckley, and Joker.

June & July

Unfortunately, a breach within the website left June 2011 with only one known post, a defense of Fjord and I cannot remember much that happened back then. It was a slow month, with plenty of recruiting, training, and war preparation in July for Tan, Puck, and Joker’s final months before retirement.

July saw many raids of ACP early on, which did in fact provoke them. The ACP had taken a slight fall since our war with them in the months prior and the Nachos were on a slight rise as well. Soon after, the UMA came for us once again in hopes to revive their dying army. Unfortunately for them, they had woken the Nachos from our bored state and we were more than ready for the challenge.

Defense of White House

After the battle for White House, the UMA admitted defeat and then ran to their allies the Army Republic begging for help. This was quite comical because the UMA had bragged about not needing any allies or aid to help them prior to the battle. It made no difference however, as the Nachos stomped the UMA alliance in the battle for Blizzard with ease. 

After the two battles, the UMA Alliance quickly surrendered to the Nachos and we had all our forces now focused on one army, the ACP. We quickly set up another raid of the ACP capital and even had the help of Rockhopper to join us!

and of course Puckley did what he does best 

After this raid, war was declared between the Nachos and Army of Club Penguin once again. This war by far, proved to be the biggest of the summer with the two top armies clashing head-to-head. This war was different from WWV, however, both armies agreed for it to be more of a raid-based war rather than having 5 battles per day. Big battles only occurred on the weekends.

-Battle For Breeze(1)-

-Raid of Snow Fort-

-Raid of Breeze(4)-

All of these raids were leading up to the final bang, the war was starting to wrap up and retirement was close for the ‘Big 3’. It all led up to the climax of the war. The Big 3’s final battle for Breeze. This battle will stand in the Nacho history books for ages, as it was debatably the largest battle to ever occur between the Nachos and ACP.

Both armies had days of prepartion. On July 29th, 2011 the Nachos officially stormed the beaches of Breeze the ACP capital. Numbers from both sides were massive during the battle, filling 3 rooms at one point! The Nacho forces deployed around 80-90 Nachos throughout the server while ACP had around 70 soldiers in their defenses. This truly was the greatest battle of 2011, as Puckley, Joker, and TanMan626 waved goodbye to their soldiers and leaving them the gift of the ACP capital.

After the battle of Breeze, the war continued on, but not at the ferocity that it had been at prior. Things eventually settled and servers were returned to their rightful owners. TanMan626 had retired along with Joker and Puckley soon-after and the army was preparing the the back to school fall the community faced every year. New faces emerged, and a new leadership and era was upon the army.


August was a confusing time for the army. 3 legends had retired and had thought they left the army in capable hands. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The beginning of August was chaos and the army had already fallen dramatically. During July the active count stood at around 160 soldiers and by mid-August we were looking at around 60 soldiers. Reform was needed, so with the help of Person1233, him and I together planned a tryout for leadership and owner positions between whoever wanted it. It was primal, yes, but it was the only option we had to slow down the massive drop we were facing.

After a week of evaluations, the army officially had a completely new set of owners and leaders.


Leader(2): Talex831, Oberst543

Co-Leader(2): Violetrox(Carly),Slobbysnake(Hades),Time689

Ambassadors(3): Fido1625, Edd64, J Boy 5

The army was finally gaining some stability, and the ownership was solid. Everyone was somewhat inexperienced but they had proved their positions and were ready for the roles. The first event with the new ownership was fantastic, as the army reached over 40 soldiers in a recruiting event!

The rest of August saw a lot of Training and Recruiting for the army. Leaders needed experience so this time period so a lot of rebuilding and putting the pieces back together for the army.


September, much like August, had a slow start. The army was having consistent events for training, and a few practice battles here and there. Activeness was picking up slightly as well but numbers were still somewhat low for the armies expectations. Armies around the community were all feeling the shake of the back to school depression however, so the army was still one of the top in the community.

The army then entered into war with the Elites of Club Penguin in order to help our allies the Underground Mafias Army(who we had restored relations with). This war helped the army become more active and troops were itching for some actual combat, which unfortunately didn’t come due to the Elites not showing up to defend their server..

However we did see a small skirmish between the Nachos and Elites in the battle for North Pole and defense of Crunch!

The Nachos were finally starting to gain some ground and went for the heart of the Elite nation, Summit. This was a great battle for the army, as we successfully captured the Elites capital with some good numbers.

Soon after, the Elites were pronounced dead and the army had successfully taken home another W in 2011.

The army held a friendly practice battle with the Light Troops to keep the activeness up and saw some great results. The army was starting to gain it’s feet again and see some impressive numbers!

The army then entered war with the Army Republic and SWAT who had allied together against us. It was set to be a tough war, but the army fought through in the first battle of Hockey and declared victory.

Like many of the previous wars, the AR and SWAT surrendered shortly after the battle of Hockey realizing that they could not handle the might of the Nacho Army.


The army saw a cluster of events, the highlight being a victory of the Army Republic.

The leadership also saw a massive change, as most of the leaders had retired. The new ownership stood as follows.

 General: Billy Mays, Ads354,  Danny

 Lieutenant General: Time689, Retsphe

 Major General: Chrisi Blule, Slobbysnake (Hades/Dvorak), Alessa298

This new leadership brought solid experience and might to the army. Events were gradually getting better, and the army was on it’s way up.

The army also clinched a spot in the finals of the annual CPAC ‘Scary Showdown’ with a strong victory over the Blizzard Warriors!

This landed the Nachos against our rivals the ACP in the tournament championship, unfortunately we were unsuccessful.


The loss in the finals against ACP was a major blow to the armies confidence. As November started, we saw many retirements and troops going inactive. The army was at an all new low, not even having an event for a week at one point. Our active count stood at about 40 soldiers and most of which were inactive.

The army finally saw a breath of live as we held a practice battle with the Ninjas.


War With Light Troops

The Nachos then entered a war with the Light Troops once again that really bumped up the activeness. The army was growing once again with the new leadership, and Danny at the helm.

As November began to wrap up, TanMan626(myself) decided to make a brief return to lead the Nachos and them back on track. The Light Troops had targeted Nachos at a low point and I was not going to stand there and let that happen. We began with a series of invasions on the Light Troops nation along with a couple of defenses.

Shortly after, Light Troops called in multiple allies to help aid them against us. We had expected this to happen so we called in our own allies as well. The sides stood as Nachos, ACP, IW, and GD v. LT, SWAT, and the ST. The armies squared off in a massive battle on Glacier with the Nacho Alliance taking victory.

After Phase I had commenced, it was a major success. The Nachos had won a majority of the battles against the Light Troops and were rapidly rising. A post of the results can be found HERE

The Nachos then battled the Light Troops on Christmas and took home a major victory over the Light Troops!

Eventually the Light Troops proceeded to go inactive and it was evident that they had surrendered the war. The Nachos were once again victorious and TanMan626 vanished back into retirement with full confidence in the army.

As 2011 came to a close, the army was starting to see some serious improvement. Events were getting better and troop morale was rising steadily. 2012 was looking promising for the army with new leader Hurricanex1 at the helm.

As I wrap up this year on the final day of Club Penguin, I can’t help but to say I will truly miss it. But more importantly, I will miss this army and all the memories I have with it. Even though we are seeing our final days, I will never forget the year I got to lead the amazing army and all the people I met. 2011 was a great year for the Nachos, and I am blessed to say that I was able to lead this glorious army to multiple victories. Thank you all for everything, and just remember

 – Stay Cheezy



Written by: Chrisi Blule

I was originally delegated the task of writing the 2012 section of our history in 2013. Five years on, after the death of the army I have finally began. Perhaps if I had written this when first asked to, you would be greeted with a factual dialogue, written in the third person, my preferred, and the standard, way of writing a history. Yet being a student of History this is how I must write the majority of the time, it is impersonal, and it is not how I wish to, or should, write today. If there is one thing that the majority of Historians agree on it is that ‘History’ is a verb. That by looking back and evaluating the past you are in the process creating it. Reader, I will tell you this in very explicit terms; I do not seek to write a wholly factual account of the Nachos, it will not be pin-point accurate, and the evidence will be lacking. But what my, and each other person’s writing on this page will describe to you, is the legacy of each period in the Nachos’ lifetime. The lack of accuracy is not to say these accounts are wrong or valueless. On the contrary, they show you so much more, they show you the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of those who have devoted significant portions of their lives to this army and community. This is far more valuable than the pure fact.

As soon as the year kicked off 2012 was allocated the title “Year of the Nachos”, and it certainly lived up to this. It was the year that the Nachos cemented their dominance of armies. While the majority of the community has always deemed ACP to be the most influential army in existence, they overlook the total dominance that the Nachos had held prior to 2012, and then after 2012. But it is 2012 that is perhaps the most significant year in developing this argument. It was the year that we finally turned the tables against ACP and defeated them so decisively that they never recovered.

The first major event of the year was the CPAC Christmas Chaos tournament. Within the first week of the year we defeated ACP, who were considered the tournament favourites,  in the semi-finals. The Nachos were shaping up to be formidable challengers. However, despite knocking ACP out in the semi-finals, we were still not the tournament favourites. The Ice Warriors had, for want of a better metaphor, injected themselves with steroids, as they often did for tournaments. They were reaching phenomenal sizes, and we were to face them and the Ninjas in the final. Our morale remained good in spite of this. The CPAC Christmas Chaos finals remain perhaps one of my favourite events that I have taken part in. Myself, Hurricanex1 and Ads354 led the battle. IW had a significant size advantage over us, the Ninjas were around half our size. However, our size was still a very formidable 60 troops, to IW’s 80. This would be a battle of tactics. The Nachos have always been the army of tactics, under Shadow we revolutionised warfare, and throughout our history we have regularly defeated larger foes through tactics alone. The CPAC Christmas Chaos final was no exception. While IW performed very basic emote tactics and joke bombs, the Nachos, at predominantly Hurricane’s instruction performed a wide variety of more complicated combination of lines and bombs. Impressive for such a large army. This led to our victory, we had started the year off well.

The rest of this section will be written when I have some time. Unfortunately I am currently in a very busy period of my studies, and that in compound with working a part-time job and trying to find an internship, as well as myself being a lazy individual who finds writing tedious means it could be a little while before I finish. However, I most certainly intend to finish this. 2012 was an important year. In the meantime I suggest you look at the 2012 post archives. If I somehow am unable to complete this, whether that be because I die, have my brain partially eaten by a parasite, or that I simply become paralysed in a plane crash, I want you to know that 2012 remains the year of the Nachos that I have the fondest memories for and the progress we made that year is why we as an army were so successful in the years proceeding.

Thank you. ~Chrisi Blule


Written by: Puckley


Written by: Beeky


Written by: Edd64, Kevin

Breviarum Nachorum Kevopius MMXV


After absence from armies for about a year, I decided to join the Nacho Army in the beginning of January 2015.

The current situation within the army was chaotic. Camperjohn64 and Shivertoe2 were overthrown by veterans, most notably Chrisi Blule, Puckley, Darkman and Laoise. The leadership post coup d’etat were Chrisi Blule, Darkman, Guitar43000, and Vonchiefer, the remainder of the fallen triumvirate of Shivertoe2, Camperjohn64 and Vonchiefer. The army entered what some would call a new beginning. A war with the Army of Club Penguin was concluded with the new leadership and all servers captured by either side were returned. Shortly into this new leadership, the army was maxing out at an inconsistent 10-15 soldiers, which would set the tone for the next few months.

Roll Coaster Ride

At the end of January and into early February, There were early signs of inactivity. Leaders were losing interest and activity, and we began maxing out at a mere 13. Calls to arms were issued by Laoise and Vonchiefer chiefly stating that death was near. In mid February, All consistency was lost and we started to see sizes as high as 20 and as low as four. At one point, we were ranked as a “developing army” on S.M.A.P . An active count was called, Darkman stepped down and all inactive mods were eliminated from the ranks. Laoise receieved a promotion to leader and as the end of February approached, the first round of March Madness was announced. With Laoise in command, we entered the first round of March Madness against the Dark Warriors, the number one army at the time. Under Laoise’s leadership, we were able to swiftly beat an army that should’ve destroyed us on paper. We maxed out at 42 soldiers and executed tactics with keen precision. This first round gave us much hope as we entered into March, but those hopes were soon crushed when Laoise left the leadership without a trace. We pulled through and advanced from the Elite Eight to face the Army of Club Penguin after beating the Light Troops into a forfeit.

This year was a big one; we had our ups and downs. We were big for one month, then small in the next one, and so on. Though we never stopped being loyal to the army, even in those tough moments. I am proud of every single on of you who helped in anything, you will all be remembered; brilliant job!


Written by: Kevin/Verum

2016 was a year of recovery, we went from a near-death state to being the strongest army in 2016. Without the work of great troops and influential pioneers like Kevin, Stone, Dan and Conno, we would never have gotten this far. Good Job Nachos!

We had a year full of ups and downs, but we’ve entered a new golden age. Hopefully, we’ll continue to grow and become greater than ever before. Thank you to every Nacho who has worked hard throughout 2016 and accomplished everything. A special thank you to Stone, Dan101 and Kevin, without you guys we wouldn’t have done great this year!


Written by: Kevin, Verum

The final months of the Nacho Army will be remembered in all our hearts. In these months, we faced many hardships and challenges, many obstacles and many successes. We always came out at top because we are Nachos. We did it our way and we never changed no matter what. We stayed alive for ten years, while others shut down and failed because we knew what it meant to be a Nacho, once you earn your rank and place here you’ll do whatever you can to make the army prosper. October was the month of the Champions Cup, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the history of armies. We won it in 2015, but we weren’t able to do the same in 2016. Ryan had taken over as leader the previous month and had to work to bring us out of the depression we entered once the leadership of Snickers and Legofan took over. We declared war on the Army of Club Penguin, but the declaration of war was quickly rescinded, we entered into the SMAC Top Ten for the first time in over two years, but we’re Nachos, so we quickly climbed out of it. We made it to the Semi-Finals of the Champions Cup, but ended up losing to the Rebel Penguin Federation. We were able to do better than we did in months and we maxed 25. The thing about this era was that people began settling for maxing 25 and being in the Top 3 in the dying community. I wasn’t the type of guy to look on and see Nachos doing decent and say “ok we’re in a good state”. Nachos had to be the best and that wasn’t the state we were in. We made it to the Christmas Chaos finals where we made it to second and got first on the Top Ten once, but it wasn’t really a Golden Age. We were first in a dying community full of armies like us, struggling to max 20. I didn’t like that, so I decided I was going to do something about it. I joined Nachos along with Dan101 and we revolutionized the army and reclaimed our spot at the top. During Christmas Break, we managed to hit 40 and average 30, which was pretty amazing considering the state armies were in. We brought in a recruiting regime, made people take pride in being a Nacho once again. The ownership was hungry for success, that’s why we managed to do this. Everyone wanted to reclaim the former glory and once you get a little taste of success, you want more. I came up with a plan of bringing the army back to our former glory, but it was going to take time. I wanted consistency over sizes because armies were maxing 40 for 2 weeks, then entering a depression, we wanted to change that, but then the news came that Club Penguin was closing and it ruined everything. It was time to make the last two months the greatest before we closed, so we embarked on a crusade, we were going to fuck with every army and everybody, then win the last every CPAC tournament. The game was on and Nachos were going to come out on top.

-More will be added at a later date-


On March 30th, 2017 Club Penguin officially shut down after over 12 years of service. This marked the end of not only the Nachos, but the army community.

Nacho Leaders


  • Jamesbond1: Nachos Creator and 1st Leader – Retired
  • Jm2000: 2nd Nachos Leader; succeeded Jamesbond1 – Retired
  • Tom Wolf: 3rd Nachos Leader; succeeded Jm2000 – Retired
  • Zippy500: 4th Nachos Leader; succeeded Tom Wolf – Retired
  • Shadow2446: 5th Nachos Leader; succeeded Zippy500 – Retired.
  • Akabob22: 6th Nachos Leader; succeeded Zippy500 – Retired
  • Linkin55: 7th Nachos Leader; succeeded Zippy500 – Retired
  • Nyg13: 8th Nachos Leader; succeeded Shadow2446 – Retired
  • Person1233: 9th Nachos Leader; succeeded Nyg13 – Retired
  • Ltshaqcena10: 10th Nachos Leader; chosen to succeed AkaBob22 – Retired
  • Puckley: 11th Nachos Leader; succeeded Linkin55 – Current leader
  • Zzztops: 12th Nachos Leader; succeeded Person1233 – Retired
  • Shedinja777: 13th Nachos Leader; succeeded Zzztops – Retired
  • Cooper30: 14th Nachos Leader; succeeded AkaBob22 – Overthrown by AkaBob22
  • [2]AkaBob22: 15th Nachos Leader; overthrew Cooper30 – Overthrown
  • Jayson23: 16th Nachos Leader; became leader with AkaBob22 – Overthrown
  • 77hockey: 17th Nachos Leader; became leader with AkaBob22 – Retired
  • VideoGamer57: 18th Nachos Leader; overthrew AkaBob22 and Jayson23 – Retired
  • King Kinz10: 19th Nachos Leader; overthrew AkaBob22 and Jayson23 – Retired
  • Ads354: 20th Nachos Leader; succeeded King Kinz10 – Retired
  • Tomb147: 21th Nachos Leader; succeeded VideoGamer57 – Retired
  • Billy Mays: 22nd Nachos Leader; elected – Retired
  • Pie1530: 23rd Nachos Leader; elected – Retired
  • [3]Akabob22: 24th Nacho leader; Selected by Ads354 – Retired
  • Tanman626: 25th Nacho Leader; elected – Retired
  • [2]Ads354: 26th Nacho Leader; elected – Retired
  • [2]Tanman626: 27th Nacho Leader; succeeded Ads354 – Retired
  • [3]Ads354: 28th Nacho leader- Current leader – Retired
  • [2]Puckley: 29th Nacho Leader- Current leader – Retired
  • Wwefreak123 [Joker]: 30th Nachos Leader – Retired.
  • Edd64[E Double D]: 31th Nachos Leader – Stepped down
  • Dvorak [Hades]: 32nd Nachos Leader- No longer leader after Person’s owner clearances
  • Pie1530: 33rd Nachos Leader- No longer leader after Person’s owner clearances
  • Fido1625: 34th Nachos Leader- No longer leader after Person’s owner clearances
  • Oberst543: 35th Nacho Leader Chosen by Person – Retired.
  • Talex831: 36th Nacho Leader- Chosen by Person- Retired
  • Danny: 37th Nacho Leader- Retired
  • [2]Billy Mays: 38th Nacho Leader- Retired
  • [4]Ads354: 39th Nacho Leader – Retired
  • [2]Chrisi Blule: 40th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Billy Mays – Retired
  • Hurricanex1: 41st Nacho Leader – Succeeded Danny – Retired
  • [2]King Kingz 10: 42nd Nacho Leader- Succeeded Ads354- Retired
  • [2]Oberst543: 43rd Nacho Leader- Added to leadership- Retired
  • Dashing Snow: 44th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Hurricanex1 – Retired
  • Beeky128778: 45th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Oberst543 – Retired
  • [3]Puckley: 46th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Dashing Snow
  • Zakster [Zach610]: 47th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Chrisi Blule
  • [5]Ads354: 48th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Zak- Retired
  • [2]Edd64 [E Double D]: 49th Nacho Leader -Added to leadership- Retired
  • Mikester [Mrgpv]: 50th Nacho Leader- Succeeded Puckley- Voluntarily left army
  • Wolfie1215: 51st Nacho Leader- Succeeded Ads354- Removed from leadership following a failed coup
  • Shivertoe2: 52nd Nacho Leader- Succeeded Mikester – Removed from leadership following Shadow’s Coup
  • [2]Danny: 53rd Nacho Leader -Added to leadership- Left army
  • [2]Wolfie1215: 54th Nacho Leader- Succeeded Danny – Removed from leadership following Shadow’s Coup
  • Emily [Tamary]: 55th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership – Retired
  • 6789Cool: 56th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Emily – Retired
  • Laoise [Irishspeaker]: 57th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership – Retired
  • Weazelkid: 58th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership – Retired
  • Vonchiefer: 59th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Laoise – Removed from leadership
  • Camperjohn64: 60th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership – Overthrown
  • [2]Shivertoe2: 61st Nacho Leader – Succeeded Beeky – Overthrown
  • [2]Chrisi Blule: 62nd Nacho Leader – Overthrew Camperjohn64 and Shivertoe2 – Retired
  • Darkman: 63rd Nacho Leader – Overthrew Camperjohn64 and Shivertoe2 – Removed from leadership
  • [2]Laoise [Irishspeaker]: 64th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership – Retired
  • [3]Edd64: 65th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership
  • Guitar48300: 66th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership – Removed from leadership to 3ic
  • Green Dai: 67th Nacho Leader – Succeeded Chrisi Blule- Stepped down
  • [2]Talex831: 68th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership-Retired
  • [2]Camperjohn64: 69th Nacho Leader- Succeeded Edd64- Retired
  • [4] Puckley: 70th Nacho Leader- Succeeded Green Dai- Retired
  • [2] Beeky: 71st Nacho Leader- Succeeded Green Dai – Retired
  • [2] BrassAssDash: 72nd Nacho Leader- Succeeded Green Dai – Retired
  • [4] Edd64: 73rd Nacho Leader- Succeeded Green Dai – Retired
  • B Batman3: 74th Nacho Leader- Succeeded Puckley – Retired
  • Agent223: 75th Nacho Leader- Succeeded Beeky – Retired
  • Cowboydan101: 76th Nacho Leader- Added to Leadership – Retired
  • Stone523: 77th Nacho Leader- Added to Leadership – Retired
  • Fluffy 9404: 78th Nacho Leader – Succeeded B Batman 3 – Retired
  • [2]B Batman3: 79th Nacho Leader- Succeeded Fluffy 9404 – Retired
  • [3]Camperjohn64: 80th Nacho Leader- Added to Leadership – Retired
  • [3]B Batman3: 81st Nacho Leader- Added to Leadership – Retired
  • Snickers4763: 82nd Nacho Leader- Succeeded  B Batman 3 – Removed
  • Legofan Cy: 83rd Nacho Leader- Succeeded B Batman 3 – Removed
  • Conno11: 84th Nacho Leader – Added to leadership – Retired
  • Ryan: 85th Nacho Leader- Added to Leadership – Overthrown
  • Hazie65673: 86th Nacho Leader – Added to Leadership – Retired
  • [2]Cowboydan101: 87th Nacho Leader – Added to Leadership – Retired
  • Verum: 88th Nacho Leader – Added to Leadership – Retired
  • Cookky2: 89th Nacho Leader – Added to Leadership – Retired


The Nachos typically wear orange, red, and brown items. Some Nachos wear sombreros, ponchos, and maracas. There is one nacho uniform that are for members that are in the game and than there is the uniform for non-members in the game. You can also just make up you own uniform but the main color must be red or orange!

Modern Nacho Uniform

Modern Non-Member Uniform