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The neo-RPF was the anti-RPF invalid revival of the RPF. The army was the de facto successor of Templars and Rebel Penguin Marines. The army was also referred to as Elm's RPF and RPM. The army quickly died out in October of 2018.


The neo-RPF was founded not too long after the RPF closed down. Elm, using his legend status as well as Silverburg, "revived the army". However, their legend status was quietly taken away from them. Due to traditional guardian rules as well, Commando had to validate it, which never happened, thus making it invalid. The army was transformed from Templars to neo-RPF on August 18th, 2018.

Early success

The army saw early success, incorporating 2013 ranks in RPF, as well as a 2013 set up. The army saw an average max of around 15. Later on, Silverburg left the army due to Popsicle and Chip having their legend revoked. Silverburg was the first leader to leave.

Deface and downfall

Not too long after, in September the army was defaced and began to die down. Max became lower and lower as well as activity for both leaders and regular troops.


The army officially closed in October 31st, 2018, with a post from Elmikey, which followed a post from B Batman3. The site then was built with a redirect to the real RPF site, around the time they returned.

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