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The New Underground Mafias Army, or NUMA, was the anti-UMA controlled faction of the Underground Mafias Army during the UMA Civil War of 2018.


NUMA was an idea formed by the New Viking Alliance to make a post-Ehroyals UMA into a colony of the NVA. This idea was a failure, however they were successful in splitting the army into two. The NVA would then give support to the faction.

Coup of Ehroyals (January 7th, 2018)

After the War Against Ehroyals, Mason Cooper, a UMA Second in Command, was convinced to remove Ehroyals from power by the New Viking Alliance. Attempts were made to puppet the army, but they were unsuccessful.

UMA Civil War (January 7th, 2018-January 31st, 2018)

Main Article: UMA Civil War of 2018

After the split from UMA, a civil war would breakout between the NVA-backed NUMA and the UMA Crew-back Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army. The civil war saw little conflict between each other on the battlefield, but saw a conflict through diplomacy.

Merge (January 31st)

UMA Crew member, Twitchy543, sought to reunite the two factions back into one. He was successful in reuniting the two factions together. With this, the leadership consisting both of EHUMA and NUMA with the later addition of Zeke/Fudge. The Civil War would end, but later in the month of February the army would disband.

A NUMA event. January 29th, 2018.