The New Underground Mafias Army, or NUMA is the anti-UMA controlled branch off of the Underground Mafias Army.


NUMA was an idea formed by the New Viking Alliance to make a post-Ehroyals UMA into a colony of the NVA. This idea was a failure, but had success with the coup

Coup of Ehroyals (January 7th, 2018)

After the War Against Ehroyals a man by the name of Mason Cooper, a UMA Second in Command, was convinced to remove Ehroyals from power by the New Viking Alliance. There was an attempt to puppet the army, but it failed.

UMA Civil War (January 7th, 2018-January 31st, 2018)

Main Article: UMA Civil War of 2018

After the coup, the two armies fell into a civil war. They fought to figure out who was real. This war saw very little action against each other, but the war ended with a merge into one army, reforming UMA. Despite all claims, there was no winner of the war.


A NUMA event. January 29th, 2018.

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