The CPNE (Club Penguin Ninjas Empire) is the name of an Army in Club Penguin Led by Kiko 9989. The Empire's members all have the Ninja suit on at all times. The Ninjas go into war all the time.

The ninjas once captured all servers but an agent named Leaderbird assembled a squad and rescued them! The lead to tension between agents and ninjas! The ninjas empire are almost CONSTANTLY recruiting in bobsled. Join them at [1]

They are a very big army and still protect cp.

Side Note: CPNE never hated ACP and IW. In fact, Boomer20 and Iceyfeet1234 is friends with the leader of the CPNE. They are now allies with each other. CPNE occasionally help CP out and.

Main Attack

Every year CPNE makes one MASSIVE Invasion on club penguin on every server. That one day was the day when a new Card-Jitsu game was released, Card-Jitsu Fire.

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