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Oagalthorp was the creator and first leader of the Army of Club Penguin, the first official army. ACP helped pave the way for army history, and was one of the center armies of all World Wars. Oagalthorp also modernized tactics at that time and is known as one of the greatest leaders of warfare. He is commonly known as the father of Club Penguin Armies and is a very much known personality throughout the community. He will be forever immortalized as an essential figure to the founding of this community. Without his ideas on the Miniclip Forums in 2006, it is safe to say that armies as we know it would not exist today.


  • Oagalthorp helped with the creation of Nations
  • Oagalthorp is the first official army leader of the first official army
  • There have been rumors Oagalthorp is Korn
  • It is speculated Oagalthorp was a member of the Blue Clan