Operation: Hypno is a Team Macguy operation that has begun November 24th, 2013. It has ended now since Macguy1 was banned forever.


After the big battle with the Galatic Empire, and Team Macguy's big recovery, Macguy1 has begun construction on a superlaser capable of destroying Club Penguin.. He has then hypnotized puffles to get millions of coins for him so he can buy the parts for his superlaser. He has also hacked into EPF networks and has exposed many of the EPF's secrets to Herbert P. Bear and other villans. Team Macguy has also teamed up with Herbert, Klutzy, and other foes.. Macguy1 is also planning to destroy Club Penguin with this laser..

On November 24th, 2013. Macguy1 has suceeded with his plan, and is going further with it, Hidden blueprints and notes were found around the wilderness, Then, puffles started digging holes with a diffrent Brain Box, This certain Brain Box design was under the Team Macguy design..  

Herbert P Bear, Macguy1, and Klutzy were all meetable during Operation: Hypno. If you met one of them, you'd get the Team Macguy1 background.
Macguy's player card

Macguy1's player card during the operation. Herbert and Klutzy also share this player card, but diffrent location.

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