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Orange is a former army leader, Small Medium Army Legend, Water Ninjas Legend, Chaos Legend, and Ice Warriors Icon.



Orange was first recruited into armies in 2012 under the alias of EpicOrange1, he witnessed a battle between the Army of Club Penguin and the Nacho Army. He decided to join the side of the Army of Club Penguin, due to his favorite color being green. Orange started from the bottom and climbed all the way through the ranks until reaching the position of Fourth-In-Command, Orange eventually departed from ACP in favor of joining the relatively new small medium army Chaos, which he had been duel-enlisted in for quite some time.

Chaos Career

Orange joined Chaos for the rank of Fourth-In-Command.

SWAT Leadership

After departing from Chaos leadership, Orange was given the opportunity to join SWAT for the rank of Commander-In-Chief. He led alongside Ganger90, Badboy, and TacoDaily, and was able to help SWAT continue to prosper under his reign as leader.