When Order 67 comes to mind some people think of horrors and tyranny. Indeed to some, it is known as the Holocaust of Club Penguin Army History. But some must remember that Order 67 brought a change to CP armies, as it was the first political act ever taken in CP. The main purpose of Order 67, according to the ANTA, was to make sure that the small armies would not walk into the bigger armies servers and claim that they Invaded it. In a time where the ACP and the Nachos were hated the small armies would attack every person, they saw in a uniform. This process went on for about nine months before the bigger armies had enough of it. Their reply was the single most daring move in CP army history. In their post, the ANTA stated that the small armies had three decisions.

Option 1: Surrender your army and end it

Option 2: Surrender your army and start following ANTA rules.

Option 3: Go to war, get unified, and have a chance of winning or losing.

The post itself was rather scary and ruthless but it was what was needed to get their point through. Most small armies who did absolutely nothing wrong simply didn't understand the post and taught that it meant they would have to surrender, therefore giving up their army. At the time that was the mentality of the small armies. If they were beaten in battle they would simply abandon the army instead of trying again. This resulted in the death of over 100 armies.

I am not writing this in favour of anyone. I myself was the leader of a small army that crumbled under Order 67 but now I see sense in it

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