There are many orders in which the Commanders command. The First list is the orders they give out. The second list is orders they receive.

Orders to give out

Order 30

Order 30 is a simple order meaning to advance. This order will 99% of the time be heard.

Order 32

Order 32 is a simple order meaning to retreat forces. NEVER go against this order, even if things seem okay.

Order 34

Order 34 means to simply scope the area and attack any hostiles. It means to keep quiet and prevent any hostiles to advance. This also means to perform a sneak attack on them. Long story short, fire first, ask questions last.

Order 36

This order is very rare for lower classes. This just means that you need to somehow pull off a hostage situation with enemy officials. Await further orders after achieving this goal.

Order 38

This order comes after the hostage situation. It will tell you to keep him and don't let him escape. Terms and ransom will follow order.

Orders to receive

Order 60

Retreat all forces in that room.

Order 62

Prepare ALL forces to protect room.

Order 64

The Emperor has arrived. Prepare ALL forces for assembly in arrival room.

Order 66

Order 66 means that the server leader is now an enemy of CPE and MUST be eliminated before he/she can escape. This does not count as treason. This is given to all commanders on server at the same time.
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