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Owlcity207, also known as SM Legend Owlcity207 or simply just Owl, is a small medium legend, Chaos legend, Special Weapons And Tactics notable troop, and a current member of the SWAT high command team.

Early History


Owlcity207 was first recruited into Club Penguin Armies in 2012 into Team Gold. She stayed faithful and devoted to Team Gold, until their eventual shutdown, where she joined a very small army known as the Patriots. She was steadilly able to rise through the ranks all the way to Second-In-Command. It was here she met EpicOrange1, and began her friendship with him. Once the Patriots shut down, EpicOrange1 told Owlcity207 to join Chaos.

Early Chaos Career

Owlcity207 initially joined Chaos in November of 2012 for the rank of Fifth-In-Command. She was quickly able to make a name for herself within the Chaos community, and rise through the ranks. She was bestowed the rank of leader in June of 2013, and wasted no time taking Chaos to new and great heights. She was able to lead alongside such notable figures as 32op and Glitch upon her promotion. Chaos was able to maintain consistent maxes of ten during this time. Eventually 32op was fired and Owlcity207 made the executive decision to step back down to a Leader-In-Training position. Chaos prospered under the leadership of Owlcity207 when she regained the position alongside Da Main Cat and Domz. This leadership saw consistent maxes of twenty, almost doubling their sizes from months prior. Soon after, Chaos Founder, Sapper rejoined to lead alongside Owlcity207 and help grow Chaos to the greatest heights achievable. Chaos was prospering until August, when many troops had begun to lose interest in Club Penguin and focus on other games, however Owlcity207 alongside her longtime friend EpicOrange1 were able to keep Chaos steady. During this time, Chaos was defaced by Belal due to many internal issues and a conflict between himself and Sapper. Owlcity207 had to retrieve the xat chat, but Chaos had taken a significant hit due to the defacement. During this time, armies were already plummeting in sizes due to school being back in session, as per the September Drop. Nonetheless, Owlcity207 alongside her coleaders was able to keep Chaos in tact and alive through all of these hardships.


Owlcity207, alongside Whats Up11, Domz and Kreatos made the executive decision to coup Chaos Founder, Sapper from all power in Chaos. This coup came with the promotion of Gator to leadership. This rebellion would not end however, as Sapper was enraged and reset the xat numerous times and removed Domz and Whats Up11 from leadership within Chaos. This brought a new leadership consisting of Owlcity207, EpicOrange1, Xiunknown, Da Main Cat and Gator. This leadership took CPAC by storm, being able to tie eleventh place in the Club Penguin Army Central top ten the very next day. However, the following week hit Chaos hard, dropping off of the CPAC top ten entirely and placing tenth in Club Penguin SMAC. Due to this disappointing week, Owlcity207 agreed with Gator and Xiunknown to bring back Sapper. This proved to help Chaos in extreme amounts, raising their maxes from eight the previous week to twenty-two upon Sappers return. Soon after this Owlcity207 decided to retire from leadership alongside Gator, leaving the army in the hands of Sapper and Whats Up11.

Sun Squad Conflict

Due to feeling not as recognized within Chaos, Owlcity207 and her good friends Japan decided to recreate the Sun Squad. Owlcity207 unintentionally brought many Chaos troops that were loyal to her to the army as well, stirring up conflict with the Sun Squad and her former army. Chaos eventuality declared war on the Sun Squad after many verbal altercations. Owlcity207 decided that she didn’t want to cause more unrest and merged the Sun Squad back into Chaos and returned to the helm of leadership. Until 2016, where Owlcity207 completely retired and seperated herself from armies due to needing more time for school.

For her work in Chaos, she was bestowed the honor of becoming a Club Penguin Army Small-Medium legend, and was one of the few female legends at the time.


Return to Armies

Early 2020, Owlcity207 was reached out to by 32op by a comment on the Chaos website, in which he asked for her to contact him. Owlcity207 was then informed about the Mayhem army led by Sweater (Conor) and PINK. She joined Mayhem alongside fellow Chaos legends, Sapper and Orange. Due to Mayhem holding insignificant permissions to revive Chaos under a new alias and using their graphics and history, Owlcity207 helped to shut them down. The COVID-19 pandemic hit, so Owlcity207, alongside Chaos legends EpicOrange1 and romantic love interest, wyoskyguy, decided to successfully revive the Chaos army. Owlcity207 was able to secure a brother alliance between Chaos and Army of Club Penguin and declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation with their combined forces. This war was able to attract the attention of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, who entered the war as a third party, but were then declared on by Chaos themselves.

SWAT Career

After a brief stint as an Ice Warriors Seventh-In-Command, Owlcity207 made the executive decision to rejoin the SWAT army, amidst the Operation: Templaria conflict between SWAT and the Templars. She was given the rank of Third-In-Command to provide her services to the army during the war.


  • Small Medium Legend Status
  • Chaos Legend Status
  • SWAT Notable Troop Status