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The following page, Pandor, is written with comedic intent. The quality of this particular page in no way reflects the professionalism of this wiki as a whole. It is purely for entertainment, and to appease to the ego of the author.

Pandor is a CPA noob and sometimes has no idea what he is doing. I don't know why you would want to read about such a stupid person, but okay.


Pandor was recruited into DCP by Zire and had greeted members by their opposite gender. "Yes sir," he said to Tia. He had reached the highest troop rank and then the Doritos had shutdown after a good year of CPA and had banned Pandor. Pandor joined Fire Warriors and was ranked 6ic. As he ranked up, he soon retired to join other armies. ACP, Magma Clan, Secret Service, and Silver Empire. Pandor was also invited to join the SSCP and AOS team, but they had both banned Pandor. Despite that Pandor was still a great recruiter and could get a recruit every second. "Ha."


Whilst on his search for a good army, he was crowned Simp of the Year, and many people had approved of this choice. He then went on to rejoin the Doritos and rank up to mod. Throughout his tenure there, he was also unbanned from SSCP and had went on to become a boomer veteran. With the Secret Service closure imminent, he was reintroduced into FW as a boomer veteran and he was soon turned in HCOM for some reason. Many people however disapproved of this choice but luckily Fire Warriors was on the midst of closure, so Pandor went on to create Wet Army Penguins, which was a meme like him; and joined Water Vikings, they had felt so bad for him that they gave him Fourth in Command.