History behind it

The Peace Campaign started, for the reasons to stop the war between the Cofos and Pizza Bois. Since it didn't succeed, and both groups continued on with the war, the Peace Campaign came to be, and started officially as a group in may of 2019. Amberlights had requested peace between the two groups, and Some of the Cofos agreed, while others were in big disagreement, and blamed it on the opposite group. After all of that, Amberlights and CatsOfNorway got together, to create the group called Peace Campaign.

What the Peace Campaign does

The Peace Campaign goes after peace, and want to stop the tension between the Cofos and Pizza Brothers. When the war is ongoing, the Peace Campaign goes in, and will try to request peace between the groups, if the groups decline, they'll try to convince  of why peace would be better, and how peace could benefit them. When Raids are on, the Peace Campaign if any online, will go in and once again try to request peace


after as the Peace Campaign goes after freedom and peace, they do not have a specific uniform, and lets everyone be free to wear anything they'd like

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