These three armies were both led by the same person and had more or less the same members. The Penguin Dynamite Warriors [the original army] were a small army created on the 15th February 2010.

Website 1:

Website 2:

Website 3:

Website 4:


Gen 1 [PDW] [February 15th-25th]

The first generation was started by Wordpress user Dogfood86 and led by Leboto and Sparky2965 [it is unknown which one is Dogfood86] as the Penguin Dynamic Warriors. The group had some activity before vanishing ten days later.

Gen 1 [UMFF] [February 21st 2010-April 10th]

Nothing is known about this generation of the Fighting Force. It was ended by April 10th.

Gen 2 [Both armies] [April 10th-May 10th]

The two armies were combined and revived under the UMFF name. It never grew any larger than the first PDL gen and ultimately died May 10th.

Gen 3 [DLT] [May 24th-June 25th]

The third generation launched under a new name, the Dynamic Lightning Troops. This generation was arguably the most successful, although it ultimately vanished as it merged with the IMAF, an unknown army also presumed dead.

Gen 4 [PDW] [? August 2nd- August 7th]

Another rebirth came about, this time in the original form of the Penguin Dynamite Warriors, but as one of its owners deleted all the articles on the site from before August 2nd, little is known about this generation.

Gen 5 and 6 [PDLW] [January 16th 2011-January 17th and January 17th-January 22nd]

Another restart was attempted and apparently collapsed.

On January 17th, another restart was attempted, which vanished on the 22nd.

Other possible generations

An event held January 21st

and sources

Two other possible generations exist.

A web domain exists that was shut down with the PDW name.

Furthermore, this website exists with only one post:

Suggesting a revival was attempted in 2014. We will never know.


Website 1: [PDW Gen 1]

Website 2: [UMFF and PDW Gen 2]

Website 3: [DLT Gen 3]

Website 4: [PDW Gens 4 and 5]

Mysterious video

Whilst researching this group of armies, this video was found. It is very strange for one big reason, it was uploaded January 10th 2010, a whole month before the first generation of the Penguin Dynamite Warriors, suggesting there was an even earlier generation we don't know about.

Penguin Dynamite Warriors Army!

Penguin Dynamite Warriors Army!

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