The Penguin Pookie Army (also known as PPA) was a small community who protected Pookies (baby penguins).

The goal of the PPA is to protect the Pookies on Club Penguin back in 2013. But the PHD (Pookie Hater Defense) and other clans and armies such as the RPF, Red Rages and the Purple Republic did a good job to destroy the PPP. The community has quickly decreased in the years and is officially dead. But most of the survivors joined the Pookie Wiki and the Pookie Protest Program. Both of them have died but the Pookie Wiki made a comeback in 2017. There is some pookies in CPR and the number has increased. But some months later, Pookies were killed in CPR and the number decreased.


The PPP' dead website

And the Pookie Wiki:

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