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Penguin Protection Agency

Everyone found out about PPA(2) on 15/02/14, it is unkown when it was created but people believe it was sometime around early 2011.

Hello this is Machymeister Speaking, PPA  was not always PPA, our old army got closed so we started PPA in late 2013 but all same members. I Inform that I have stopped playing CP and lost touch to all members, so anyone can take over PPA. Oh and i am Agent A.

Owner/ Founder

The Founder is seen in pictures and videos called Agent A (A????), his username is not recognised on Club Penguin so theres a hard chance you will ever know who he is... A is rumored to be fellow PPA Sgt in Arms Machymeister (Also Former RPF Member) but he denies it, but since Machymeister quit PPA (he has been spotted wtih RPF and is known to re joined them), "Agent A" has disapered and so has other members of PPA.



Hello this is Agent A speaking, we are looking for any penguin player to join us! does not matter if your member or non member! WE WANT YOU!

~Agent A 18/02/2014

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