Penguin Robber Federation is an upcoming robber(thieves) gang. Their duty is to rob penguins, shops and stores. They are recruiting new robbers. They were first formed in Server Alpine. They are on Oman276's Army of Goods wanted list.


non members--

1. BODY: Any belt execpt White Belt.

2. HEAD: Tour Guide Hat, EPF Earpiece(If EPF Agent)

3. FACE: Ninja Mask, Elite Spy Goggles, Eye Patch or Green sunglasses(Old Penguin)

4. Hand: Any hand item(optional)

5. FEET: Any(optional)

7. NECK: Any(Optional)


1. BODY: Ninja Suit, Robot Costume or any pirate outfit.

2. HEAD: Hockey Helmet(Main) and others.

3. FACE: Ninja Mask, Night-Vision Goggles or Robot Mask

4. HAND: Hockey Stick, Records or Laptop.

5. FEET: Black Sneaks, Summit Boots, Sneak-Ers, Big Bad Wool Hooves, Skates or Black Dress Shoes

6. NECK: Any capes(Black is main).

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