PUNO is basicly based on the UN but its main target is to fight against armies and try to keep their CP safe from the FBI. They are active every 1-2 weeks and try to keep other armies safe by holding meetings and making contracts. 

Their flag, which is totally NOT identical to the flag of the real United Nations

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PUNO or the Penguin United nations Organisation is always fighting for the welfare of armies their main focus is to give weak armies rations such as SWAT and PR and make them strong

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PUNO has its main server its the North Pole. PUNO, however, is a half army manager it keeps 2 divisions called security Base and Army Management centre. All the armies think it's weak but they are still rising.

If I am right even RPF and ACP were small but then they grew big. PUNO trying its best to keep fair wars and stop the death of other armies. Their website is [United Nations Organisation]. 

The website no longer works and the army is assumed dead. 

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