Pink Mafias is the founder of the Pink Mafias Army and the well known, Underground Mafias Army. He disappeared in 2007. It can be said he is one of the most notable leaders and figures of all of army history, behind Oagalthorp.


Pink Mafias was a popular hacker within the Club Penguin game. He had hacking tutorials, a blog, and a YouTube channel. He did all of this at 13 years old. Pink Mafias founded a Clan known as the Pink Mafias Army which later grew in the well known Underground Mafias Army. This army was known for hacking and its explicit community. Oagalthorp, leader of the ACP, told them to stop hacking or they would declare war, one of Pink Mafias high commanding officers, said "Bring it on.". The war began, this war was known as World War Three. Oagalthorp interfered with them, and convinced Commando717 to rebel against them, for hacking. They formed the Rebel Penguin Federation. The war fought on, and the UMA lost, Pink Mafias soon faded away from the community.


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