The Pink Ninjas were an army created by Queensplend in May of 2015.


Queensplend created the PN in 2015. They were a great S/M when they were alive and they would frequently be on SMAP/SMAC top tens. They were made in May 2015 and died in July. Even though the first generation was short lived different people have had hope in PN, creating new generations of PN and hitting good sizes.

Club Penguin Rewritten

When the Dark Knight Empire died of inactivity after the War of Roman Subjugation, saRy/Rocks, a DKE troop and former PN troop, revived the Pink Ninjas. He quickly hired other former DKE troops Zeke and yikes tbh. The new PN lasted for 1 day as Security recruited Zeke into the RPM as 3ic, but he still remained in PN. saRy then joined the RPM for 2ic. When he got onto the RPM site he defaced it, deleting everything. saRy left and he hasn't been seen in the community since. The PN died, but the DKE would later be revived by SavageCobra, and Zeke joined for 3ic and old DKE troops came back. The Pink Ninjas have remained dead since.

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