The Pizza Bois are an army on Club Penguin Rewritten, founded on January 26th, 2018 by Penguidae.


Birth of The Pizza Bois

As mentioned before, the bois were started in the first few weeks of 2018. The bois started off just like any other army, fighting off other armies in attacks and such, but after club penguin rewritten shut down , Penguidae was found almost not active on both the discord and the game itself, thus making the pizza bois almost extinct.

The Pizza Boi rebellion

However, a group of members from the original pizza bois server, being TheBreadBoii, TheWaffle101, Chelpopkick, CaptainRex, and Alan, have created a group known as The Pizza Boi Rebellion, a group who has only recently opened up to make a more democratic experience to make sure that everyone has a say in the time of raids or other events, as well as having a more online staff. a website for the rebellion is now up, and a discord link is posted at the original pizza bois discord. The rebellion is not listed by penguidae, but created by the community to revive to the bois.


The pizza bois wear a standard chef hat and red pizza apron. The original pizza bois wear green as their color, while the pizza rebellion wears a dark blue. Truly cheesy

Website- Rebellion website-

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