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Pjayo was notable leader of many armies. Despite hopping around a few armies in the original era, Pjayo retained a well reputation throughout the original era and the CPPS era of armies. He is best known for being leader of the Water Vikings, of which he is a member of the Hall of Fame.


Pjayo began his career in 2010 by joining the Army of Club Penguin. He initially retired in 2015, but has returned on a few occasions and officially in 2020.

Early career (2010 - 2013)

Pjayo began his career in 2010 by joining the Army of Club Penguin. He labeled this time as being a "shmuck". He went on to leave the Army of Club Penguin and join the Doritos of Club Penguin, where he would reach up to the mod ranks, before being fired for taking part in a failed coup by DCP legend, Mustapha10x.

Term of army hopping (2014)

Pjayo went onto hop between multiple armies after being fired from Doritos. His first army of interest was the Dark Warriors where he would become a second-in-command and lead the rebellion against Elmikey's Dark Warriors faction, during the Dark Warriors Civil War. Soon after leaving, he would have some terms in the Light Troops and Underground Mafias Army, before beginning his first true shine of success.

Founding and leading the Dragons (2014)

Pjayo went onto found and lead a S/M army known as the Dragons. The Dragons had notable success as a S/M army for a few weeks before Pjayo was offered 3ic by Bepboy9, CPA and WV legend. Pjayo would move to merge the Dragons into the Water Vikings, taking Bepboy's offer.

Final years in original armies (2014 - 2017)

Pjayo went onto become a third-in-command of the Water Vikings after merging his army into them. He rose up to become their leader and took part in the "Blue Summer of 2014" era of the army. Taking part in wars against SWAT, DCP, and the Golds, By 2015, he resigned and became an advisor and served as a Dorito's leader for a short period of time, having made up with Mustapha. He would retire after this and went onto help lead the last original armies event in March 2017, alongside army legend Silverburg.

Return to the community (2020)

Pjayo returned to the community in 2020 after an attempted recruiting by former Help Force mod Marshmallow. His first public action was reviving the Shadow Troops alongside S/M army legend Thomas83514, which rose to a major army with some minor success. He went onto found the Golden Guardians and led it to large success as a major army, and maneuvered himself as a major player in CPAM. This carried onto the next army he would lead, which would be the Water Vikings, Reviving the army alongside Change, Kingfunks4, Adden, and Buddy, 6 years after originally leading. Leading the charge in a highly successful war against the Templars, he would briefly retire in late Summer of 2020. He would formerly declare war on SWAT, on behalf of the Water Vikings, which would lead to a month long conflict. It wasn't long until Pjayo, incensed with the war taking so long, would return to lead the Water Vikings. Soon after, SWAT submitted, and transferred their last two servers to the Dark Warriors. Pjayo would then, once again, rapidly rise through the ranks of CPA, asserting himself like he had early in 2020. Pjayo is now, against all odds, put under high regard in the CPA community, and is noted for his extensive negotiating ability, making him potentially one of the greatest diplomats in the current era of CPA.


Pjayo would retire on November 4th, 2020, following circumstances outside of CPA. His retirement would come as a shock to the community, and his retirement event would reach a max of 50.


Pjayo, despite generally being well regarded, would be consumed with controversy throughout most of his career. In 2013, he would face controversy for faking his own dog's death in order to escape dismissal in the Doritos. In addition, in 2015, while having rejoined the Doritos, he defaced the Water Vikings site. This would lead to his removal from the "Greatest Leaders" list, and would be followed by an apology video that has since been lost. These would characterize him up until 2020. In 2020, he was criticized by some for his often brutish leadership style, lack of couth, and general aggressiveness. These attributes, while successful during his tenure as leader, would act as justification for the Black Seas War.


Pjayo in game

Pjayo's CPR uniform.