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Pookie437, simply known as Pookie, is an army veteran who has served as an 2nd-in-Command in the RPF and also smaller stints. He played an important role in the RPF’s Strike Force and foreign relations under Director Ultipenguinj. He currently does not serve in any armies but is a Chief Executive Officer in Club Penguin Army Hub.

Early Army Career (2013-2014)

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Return to Armies (March 2019 - July 2019)

Interested in nostalgia, Pookie decided to do some research. He would later find out that group would be the RPF. Upon joining the server, he discussed with Rebel Commander Silverburg for a potential rank boost due to prior experience. Within no time, Pookie had become a moderator and troop of the week. He along side 3 other members of the RPF moderation team formed the recruitment super-group of RedStarves437. This helped Pookie and the other group members rank up swiftly.

Pookie would earn a double-promotion to the highest moderator rank (General) within no time. After ceasing a raid and leading in a mod U-lead, Pookie would be promoted to the rank of Head General (3rd-in-command). Pookie didn’t stay stuck at his Head General position for long. He would quickly become an 2nd-in-command. However, due to unspecified reasons, Pookie was sent back to 3rd-in-command.

Striking Star (July 2019 - February 2020)

With RPF recently enquiring Tuxedo from the Lime Green Army, a new special task force was commissioned to represent RPF in external affairs, wars, and tournaments. Pookie would play an important role in this new task force called the RPF Strike Force. Pookie went undercover under an alternative persona in the EGCP and found profound screenshots. After showing them to the RPF leadership, they would issue a formal declaration of war. Pookie played a major role within the war scene.

Once again, Pookie would be designated with an important task within the strike force: infiltrating the Crimson Night Alliance. After some talk with Ulti, the RPF HCOM revived the under alternative names. After some investigation, they discovered some juicy plans. In exchange led to the Army of Club Penguin declaring war on the People's Imperial Confederation and briefly the entire CNA.

Pookie would be awarded for 2ic due to his achievements in the strike force division but would ultimately be demoted once more for more unspecified reasoning.

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RFCP and CP Army Media (February 2020 - May 2020)

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Present Day (May 2020 -)

Following the CPAC 5 joining CP Army Media, Pookie was properly promoted to Executive Producer. Despite the schism that followed a few days later, Pookie kept his position.

On May 21st, 2020, Pookie was hired in the Doritos of Club Penguin as a Leader-in-Training, where he served until.

After the retirement of CPAM CEOs Ayan and Emcee, Pookie was promoted to CEO of the recently renamed Club Penguin Army Hub (CPAH) which was a combination of CPAM and the Club Penguin Army League. Soon after, on July 6th, 2020 Pookie was promoted to DCP leader. On July 14th however, due to unknown complications, Pookie retired from DCP just before the RPF declared war on them.

Fun Facts

Pookie had a stream with RPF 3ic Rocket on the Rebel Federation twitch channel where they played Portal 2 together, which can be watched here

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