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Potassium, also known as Snoopy436, is an army veteran and former leader.


Early Career (2014-2017)

Potassium joined the Water Vikings and as a result the Club Penguin Army community during October of 2014 - he was recruited off of Club Penguin by Bepboy9. Although Potassium was a bit of an army hopper, he for the most part remained in Water Vikings, attending a multitude of events and tournaments for two and a half years before the eventual closure of the original Club Penguin on March 29th, 2017. However in 2015 he tried his hand at creating his own army. He attempted to create the Red Kids of Club Penguin, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Return to Armies (2020)

Potassium remained in the Club Penguin community, playing Club Penguin Rewritten alongside his friends, after CPA's seemingly permanent death. However, armies began re-emerging, and Potassium started getting involved with this community once again. He joined the Ice Warriors, alongside his dear friend, LEGOMAN, in March of 2020 up until late April, where he remained a private.

Water Vikings Leadership (2020-2021)

After Potassium left IW, due to not enjoying it as much as he would have liked to, he was on the verge of leaving the CP Army community for the final time. This was, until one day, he joined the CP Army Hub server and checked out their Major Armies channel. He then, to his amazement, saw that the Water Vikings had returned earlier that month. He joined the server and was greeted by none other than Buddy, the legend himself. He re-joined for 5ic and ranked his way up to Second in Command, he met new friends, unexpectedly reunited with some old ones... and for the first time in four years, actually enjoyed being a part of an army. He was eventually promoted to leader in December of 2020, but was removed from leadership in February after a scandal involving multilogging. He was demoted to Second-in-Command. He was then removed from the server entirely due to alleged sexist comments.