Prior Bumble is a Club Penguin Army veteran as well as the founder and 1st/3rd Commander of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. He is also recognised on the wiki as a CPA Legend for 2019.

People's Republic Army (2008)

In 2008, Prior Bumble served as Commissar, second-in-command, of the People's Republic Army under the legendary CollinZfresh. There, he fought alongside Oagalthorp of ACP and saw combat against the Romans and the Nachos. When PRA expanded divisions, he was appointed Vice President of the army's Australian territory. His retirement came only weeks before the retirement of CollinZfresh, and, in both their absences, the army fell shortly after.


Prior Bumble as Commissar of the PRA

Return to Club Penguin Rewritten (Summer 2019)

Ten long years of hibernation passed without a whisper of Prior Bumble in the Club Penguin digital landscape. In June 2019, he made an abrupt return to the game. Briefly he served as the bodyguard of Perapin. Then, after frequenting the "System Defense" mini game at EPF headquarters, the great opportunity arose. Every seat but one at the conference table was full, and Prior took the last one. An unidentified user said, "Uhh...someone say something." Prior drew breath and began giving orders at that moment. The organization that would eventually develop into RFCP was born.

Commander of the RFCP (2019-Present)

Prior is known for being militant, well-spoken, serious, and warm-hearted. Praised for his battlefield speed, his command style is emoji-heavy and anchored primarily by unique formations such as R and F. When using word tactics, he can be aggressive or slightly flirtatious. Prior is known for delivering battle speeches before every major conflict. His leadership is made distinct by the cultural insistence that he be addressed as sir, Commander, or Chief by his soldiers, and he has stated that he will never share leadership of the army.

Father of Club Penguin Warfare

After declaring independence from his former league, Prior and his army founded a new one, Club Penguin Warfare. Because of the labor and finances he contributed to make the league possible, he is often known as the "Father of CPW," and was elected as one of four first Admins. He remains in office currently.

Admin Prior2

Prior in his Admin attire. When not wearing sunglasses, he has worn an eye patch to represent wounds sustained during the War of No Return


Most Achieved--2019 CPA Summer Awards

Best Leader (2nd Place)--2019 CPA Summer Awards

Legend--2019 RFCP Feddies Awards

Most Respected Allied Leader--2019 EGCP Awards

CPA Legend 2019

Personal Life

When not attending to the militant duties of the army, Prior can be seen as an affectionate patriarch, sometimes referred to as "Papa Prior" by his soldiers, or "Uncle Prior" by his colonists. He conducts a near weekly "Storytime with Papa Prior," where he reads children's books to his troops and shows the illustrations on Discord, and he holds "Office Hours" biweekly to address the concerns of any RFCP members. Prior was briefly married to ex-ACP 1ic Sidie9.


Storytime with Papa Prior

He runs the RFCP website and blog as well. In 2020, he embarked on a project to author The Complete History of Club Penguin Armies in an academic, hard copy format. He has communicated with and interviewed Lance Priebe for this project. Prior is notoriously mysterious about his in real life identity, but some things, like the death of his older brother, and a debilitating past physical injury, have been revealed.


"I'm Commander in war and in peace. But a better one in war."

"What is the RFCP? Something we fight as? Or something worth fighting for?"

"As long as I am Commander, I refuse to see something I created destroy someone."

“The best way to be a leader is to be good to my soldiers.”

“We have fought here. We have joined the legends that bled on this snow before us.” (After the battle that made the iceberg RFCP's sacred ground).

"There is a soldier in us all."

“Do not be deterred by the noise of yesterday, and do not be haunted by the silence of tomorrow.”

“It is easy to fall in love on Club Penguin. We are already in love with ourselves, and who we can become here. We get to be who we feel we are inside.”

“Many in real life call me a leader, too. But this [RFCP] is the way I prefer to be one.”

“There will be time for us to be gentlemen when we are Goliaths.”

“We will turn our soldiers into men. But it is our blood which must be spilled first.” (Prior to his officers).

“Rain fire on them.” (Prior in the War of Smoke and Sour)

“I have walked among the wild, and the wild is you.” (Prior to his soldiers)

"I don't feel fire. I don't feel heat. There's no war in me right now. I don't feel thunder. I don't feel the night. Or the ground beneath me. I only feel you." (From Prior's speech to his soldiers before what he thought would be his last battle).

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