One of Project Doomsday's logos.

Project Doomsday, most known as PD, is a group of hackers who's goal is to take down Club Penguin Army websites.


Project Doomsday has currently destroyed two army websites. They were recovered shortly after, but they claim that they were "warnings" that they can do more. They took down the Club Penguin Sun Troops website,, and the Global Defeners' website,

Known Members

People who are believed to be part of the hacker group are:

  • Oblivion (Leader)

    Global Defenders' website after Project Doomsday's hacking.

  • Abyenace (Member)
  • Lethe (Member)
  • Annhilation (Member)
  • Korruption (Member)
  • Abyss (Member)
  • Null (Member]
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