Queenieliz (or Liz) is a current Advisor and former Rebel Commander of the Rebel Penguin Federation. She has also been awarded RPF Hero status.


Liz joined the RPF on August 11, 2017, during the Club Penguin Rewritten era. Despite being relatively inactive throughout the entirety of August, during the beginning of September Liz became one of the most active members of RPF, earning herself Troop of the Week on September 15, 2017. Liz was the fifth RPF Troop of the Week and the first Private ever to receive role. Shortly afterwards, Liz received her first promotion, a double promotion from Private to Corporal on September 17, 2017. After this, she received a promotion every week, rising through the ranks very quickly and earning Mod on November 26, 2017. She rose through the Mod ranks earning a promotion every other week, however waited at General (4ic) rank for at least a month.

Liz was promoted to Head General on March 19, 2018. After her promotion to 3ic, the RPF went through a lot of changes. The most notable of which was Operation:Exodus, which saw a move away from Club Penguin entirely and resulted in the renaming of the RPF to 'RF'. During this time Liz was promoted to 2ic due to her hard work despite the fact the operation was failing and saw many leaders leave under the pressure. After various attacks to the server, the RPF saw a loss of around 8000 members, leaving only a few hundred. After the attack, the server was placed under the protection of Twitchy543.

After a couple of months recuperating the server, Twitchy promoted Liz to Rebel Commander on the 4th of January 2019. Working alongside Cosmo and Silverburg, the three leaders revived the army to great heights once more, reaching a max of 104+ at their EU Fill the Berg event on the 13th April 2019. Shortly afterwards both Cosmo and Silverburg entered retirement leaving Queenieliz as the solo Rebel Commander.

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