Before the War

Shortly after the new RAC was founded Firedragon1112 an old enemy of the RAC found the RAC. He Joined the Server and had a chat with Brownpen4. Eventually spamming his DM. Firedragon later told Brownpen4 he wanted to have a "meeting" with him at the Mine on Free Penguin (mainly so he could swear at him) Brownpen4 eventually got on Free Penguin and had a long talk with Firedragon. Firedragon continued to put messages of doubt in Brownpen4's head "the RAC can't be Remade again" "you will never get back to the size you were! Now that I have discovered that you have recreated it. I will destroy it!" Brownpen4, however, didn't believe that he could because Firedragon was clearly outnumbered. Firedragon wasn't worried about that. Earlier before Firedragon1112 was spotted with some RPF members or so that what they looked like. This lead Matthew and Brownpen4 to think that he was in the RPF Firedragon continued to spam Brownpen4's DM sending rhymes, poems, and songs he had created to talk bad about the RAC and then compared the size of the army smaller than what the DKE was. Later Firedragon claimed he was making a CPPS called "Club Firedragon". On January 6th Firedragon and his supporters Declared War on the RAC.

The War

Brownpen4 and Firedragon met up on CPR for a discussion. The discussion eventually turned into a Battle between Firedragon and Brownpen4. After about five minutes. Firedragon Supporters arrived but Brownpen4 fought them off. Brownpen4 felt he should stay quiet so he would not worry his Soldiers.

On January 10th Firedragon told Brownpen4 that he and his Supporters had taken Beanie. Brownpen4 and Matthew decided it would be best to take and secure the place from him. So on January 12th Brownpen4 and his Army Invade Beanie not knowing that it was a setup. They arrived and began to take it. They moved to the Ski Village and Ran into some Firedragon supporters. Brownpen4 and his men charged at them and quickly took them out.They conquered Beanie and on January 17th they found out it was a trick. Firedragon had planned the entire thing out. He knew the Red Comrades (now the Red Cavaliers) wanted it so he lied to Brownpen4 so he could get the RAC into another war. It worked just like he wanted. On January 14th Firedragon created the Anti RAC Army.

On January 18th Firedragon and Brownpen4 logged on to Penguin Oasis to do a 1v1 Snowballs. Firedragon was extremely pleased. He always wanted to have a 1v1 snowballs with Brownpen4. As soon as the battle started Brownpen4 launched Missles at Firedragon and killed him. Firedragon Was mad about his loss. On January 20th Firedragon Surrendered "my Army has failed. Most have left or become inactive most of our training events are canceled. The Anti RAC is dead due to loss of Soldiers. I hereby Surrender. The RAC had won the War.


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